C’mon, people!!! What’s with the weather? It’s November – not February!


You would never know it from the amount of snow we had come down this week in Southwestern Ontario – but I suppose I should be grateful that we didn’t get as much snow as poor Buffalo!

One of the benefits of the cold and snow (and really, the only one that I can think of :)) is that I stay in and sew. As a result, finished is the baby boy quilt that will go to another co-worker in the new year (providing one of the two babies expected by co-workers early in 2015 is a boy :)).


As usual, the Stacked Coins Baby Quilt from Crazy Mom Quilts – I know, I know, but it’s my favourite baby quilt pattern and this way everyone gets the same version in different colours/fabrics (fair?). [Believe it or not, I have to go find that link every time I post one of these baby quilts :).]

Here’s the back:


I love the turquoise :). Next – to backfill with another girl version to replace the one that was given away a week ago, just in case more girls arrive. For now, boy version is finished so I’m linking up with Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts.

The only other sewing this week began as a result of preparations to visit new grandson CW in Saskatchewan. I suddenly realized that there is a blanket for everyone in the family except for DIL-T – and that just doesn’t seem right! So, I’ve started to put together a quilt using up some denim cut from son J’s old jeans and scraps from a variety of recent projects.


Only time will tell whether I can get this together in time to take with us next week, but it’s pretty easy and the top isn’t huge, so hopefully it will be finished and travelling with us!

Try to keep warm out there!


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A Slow Week

This week has been a bit slow in terms of sewing/knitting/finishing up projects. However, the good news is that new grandson CW arrived safe and sound on Monday (November 10th) at 10:43pm weighing a healthy 8lbs 2oz :). Mommy is healthy and doing well, too. So, between baby news, work travel/commitments and the shopping trip last week, not too much was done.

But there’s always time for a QAL block!


[I'll apologize right now for the poor lighting in these photos - it's getting to that time of year where there's no light outside at all when I get home from work so it's really hard to get a good photo :(. And it's snowing here today, the first of the season thought I'm sure much more is to come!]

I do like the mixture of modern and classic with this month’s block – and I can’t believe the Classic Meets Modern QAL is coming to an end (or that I’ve managed to stick with it and keep up with my blocks each month!). One more block for December and then we’ll get to see what these blocks look like all together at last – I can hardly wait! For now, I’m linking my block up with the others over at Sew at Home Mummy.

The only other thing I have to show for this week is another baby quilt top sewn together, pin basted and ready for machine quilting.


This quilt is the boy version that was just a pile of strips a couple of weeks ago (the girl version has already been taken to the office, ready to go to the recipient next week). Even though I didn’t quite get it finished, as I’d hoped, at least I can say some progress has been made – and I’m sure to finish it by next week.

Keep warm out there!


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Just a Quick Post…

… to show off this little finish.


And the back.


And I am off to Erie, Pa with my sister to shop for the weekend :).

Hope you have a good one, too!


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Babies, Beginnings and Old Projects

Well, there have been no finishes this week, but that seems to be the way it goes around here. I have a few weeks where I’m consistently finishing up project after project and then, I have a few weeks where, for a variety of reasons, it’s harder to get things done. Never-the-less, progress has been made in a number of areas this week starting with…


More baby quilts! This is the girl version – the cute pink/green/blue/red bird print (right by the needle/foot – if you can see it!) was the inspiration for this one and I chose colours from the stash to coordinate. It would definitely be further along were it not for the fact that I ran out of thread last evening (after Fabricland closed, of course). But that just allowed me to make a little progress on the boy version.


The yellow elephant print was the starting point for this one – and again, the stash provided coordinates (and the more stash I use up, the better I can explain/justify the need for more material :)).

I’m starting to feel a little bit like a one-trick pony, but the Stacked Coins Baby Quilt is still my favourite (my apologies if you’re getting tired of seeing the many various versions of it here!).

It does seem like there is something in the water at work, though, since at least three co-workers are expecting/having babies. Word came today that the first of the babies was born yesterday and is a little girl – good thing the pink version is further along :). I thought that I would try to get out ahead of things by making the two versions to have on hand as the babies arrived – that way I can gift as needed and backfill as I go. I will need to begin another pink version right away.

But right away might not be for at least a week as I will be travelling again this coming week for work (for the first half of the week) and shopping (over the weekend :)). In looking for a take-along project, I’ve been making fabric yarn to begin a crocheted rag rug for the bathroom using this tutorial over at Crazy Mom Quilts.


Not that I should be starting even more projects at the moment, but this particular project (once finished) will mark the end of the bathroom redo that has been going on for most of the fall. Before/after photos to come soon – once the rag rug is done :).

And last but not least for this week, this quilt is a Way-Back Project that has been sitting in an almost-finished state over at my mother’s house for more than a year. It’s a convoluted story, but suffice it to say it went there for sewing, plans changed and now that mom is trying to get her kids’ stuff out of her house, it’s come back to me (really – it’s taken more than fifty years and she’s starting to succeed, so there may still be some hope for getting MY kids to take their stuff :)).


This Rail Fence with Star design I found online several years ago – but I will try to find and provide the link for the finish. It’s made of cozy flannel so the timing might be right for finishing it up and putting it to use since the temperature is dropping out there as I type and the local weather girl says snow is possibility for tomorrow (yikes!).

So, those are the works-in-progress for this week – and hopefully, at least a couple will be finishes by next Friday :).

Have a very happy Halloween!


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Another Little Bear

Very busy times here at LoGoQuilts right now – but this week I at least managed to finish up this new little bear for a new little boy due in the next few weeks (at least, we’re told the new one will be a boy).


I refer to this little guy as Smokey, but who knows what his prospective owner (or parents) will give him for a name. This pretty grey yarn was obtained by my sister (thanks, sis!) on one of her trips to our local yarn store. I don’t get over to this store very often, but she is a regular and kind enough to grab things for me when I need them. And the colour goes perfectly with the Giraffe Love quilt, doesn’t it :)?


Big sister has a green bear, similar to this one from last year. As then, the pattern is the Baby Bobbi Bear pattern from Blue Sky Alpacas and super fast to knit. Although (naturally) Blue Sky yarn is suggested, I used Misti Alpaca (Tonos Worsted “Hand Paint Tone on Tone” in colour Marcasite)- because that’s what my personal shopper provided :).

And, as always, linking up this finish to Finish-it-up-Friday at CrazyMomQuilts.

Happy Friday!


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Bamboo Lace Scarf Finish

It’s been a busy week with work commitments, so not too much progress overall craft-wise (oh why will my boss not pay me to knit, crotchet and sew?) but I thought I should still make time for a quick post to show you the finished bamboo lace scarf.


It measures approximately 48-inches in length and almost 8-inches wide.

I apologize for this next photo – the quality is not the best (night-time, without a flash, in a mirror…) even though I tried to enhance it a bit, but I wanted to give some sense of what it looks like on.


And, since it is a finish, however small, I’m linking up to Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts.

Enjoy your weekend :)!


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Little Finishes

It’s been a week of little things here – and sometimes that’s nice :).

First, to make up for my very late Classic Meets Modern QAL block last month, I thought I’d get ahead of things this month and sew up the October block a little earlier.


Two months to go! I’ve really been enjoying the QAL – it’s the first one I’ve participated in but it’s been a great experience. Erin’s instructions are great and each block is more fun than the last! You can find all of the blocks on Erin’s blog, Sew At Home Mummy. And I’m linking my block up with the other October blocks over on her blog.

As I was sewing this block together, instead of letting the little “ears” that were cut off the flying geese units go to waste, I decided to sew them together and make them up into this little mug rug for the husband.


We try for zero waste here (try being the operative word – that’s the ideal and working at it but we still have a long way to go) so it was great to use up these little bits and put them together into something useful right away instead of dropping them into the waste basket.

The next little finish is the leftover (again – yeh!) cuddly pink fabric from the little polo shirt quilt from a couple of weeks ago. You’ll recall that this was my sister’s idea – and I’m grateful she suggested it :)!


I think a little girl will love this soft and cuddly pillow :). I trimmed the strip of fabric leftover from the bottom of the quilt back to even it up, folded it in half, sewed around the edges leaving an opening on one of the short ends for flipping/stuffing and filled with polyester fiberfill.


It’s a cute and cuddly 25″ long and 12″ wide – not bad for a leftover strip of fabric. This method won’t allow her mom to remove a pillow form for washing, but my thought is that if the stuffing gets too lumpy with repeated washing, the fiberfill can just be replaced down the road (hmmm…. maybe more wasteful than I had initially hoped – I guess I’ll have to hope that the fiberfill holds up). Nevertheless, it looks great with the little polo quilt.


And the final little finish for today, are these wonderful little lavender satchets made using this tutorial from Flossie Tea Cakes.


The instructions are clear and easy to follow; I learned how to improve corner construction and sew an opening closed invisibly using a ladder stitch (although, I’ll have to admit that I used a knitting needle instead of the pin she suggests for teasing out the fabric at the corners). I suppose the moral of this story is that you can teach an old dog new tricks (except for the knitting needle) – and these new tricks are sure to be used again by this old dog on other projects.


They are wonderful little pillows of lavender scented goodness – perfect for keeping drawers smelling nice or (perhaps?) giving as a gift …

I think there are more than enough finishes here to link up to Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts :).

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all of the Canadians out there!


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