Week of WIPs

While last week was a very productive week, this week not so much. This seems to be the way it is around here ….

However, I did put together this little quilt top using Son J’s polo shirts:


This is a bit of a Way-Back Project because these are shirts that Son J wore in high school (during his preppy phase, I guess). The stripes are all oriented horizontally because that’s the way they were in the shirts and I wanted to reflect that. There are a lot of memories tied up in these shirts, so when Son J moved out and left the shirts behind – legitimately, since they no longer fit him very well – it was a logical next step that they be turned into a quilt.

Or quilts:


These squares are 6 1/2″ in size – daddy sized – and the ones in the little top above are 4 1/2″ in size – daughter sized. Since a little boy will be joining the family soon and receiving the Giraffe Love quilt from last week, it’s only fair that big sister get one, too. And daddy might want a quilt of his own made from his polo shirts …

And what about mommy? There are plans for her as well – you see how it begins …

In the meantime, it’s another long weekend and time for a long weekend tutorial, I think, as I haven’t done one for a while. It may take until next Friday to have something to share, but I’m hoping that I will be able to have a complete project to show (unlike the quilt tops from the last two tutorials that are still hanging around waiting to be finished!).

So watch for something new constructed from these yummy finds:


And, just because it’s been a lovely week weather-wise, here’s a pic of some beautiful Blackeyed Susans growing wild along the bike path.


Not to mention the Goldenrod and Queen Anne’s Lace – I know it’s fall just around the corner when these old friends begin to bloom (or maybe they aren’t your friends so much if you have allergies :)).


Happy Labour Day weekend everyone!


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Giraffe Love Finish

It’s been a very productive week around here with a quilt finish, a few mug rugs and the August block for the Classic Meets Modern Quilt Along.

First, the giraffes:


This little quilt kit was a lucky find during our travels for the July Shop Hop. The kit came from Quilt Junction in Waterford and is quite appropriate for a little one expected to arrive in November sometime. The older sibling has a giraffe quilt with the Giraffe Love fabric in the citron colourway (see the quilt pictured in the top banner image :)) so it’s only fair that this little one has a quilt the same, but different.

Here’s the back:


Mmmm… that micro chenille is a gorgeous blue and soft as butter. I’m fairly certain that Momma will be pleased with this one – even if Baby won’t know the difference (at first)! Never-the-less, it’s finished and ready for Baby whenever he (we’re told) arrives, so I’m linking up with Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts – two weeks in a row :).

And now on to mug rugs – also finished:


I don’t know if mug rugs are still “all that” the way they were a couple of years ago, but another Shop Hop find, this time at the Marsh Store in Ilderton, resulted in a little mini-charm pack of thirties fabrics. In case you want to know how I did it :), I used four 2 1/2″ squares per mug rug, sashed with 1 1/2″ strips of white, quilt in a Greek Key type of arrangement and bind – easy peasy!


On the back of each is a thirties print from the stash – a little white terrier romping across a light blue background. Perfect for relaxing with a treat on the front porch :).

And last, but not least, here is the August QAL block:


Love that pop of turquoise blue! The Churn Dash block is another favourite of mine – the first “big boy” quilt I made for son P. was a Churn Dash block, machine pieced and hand quilted way back when I had more time (in theory anyway!).


Hoping your weekend is filled with great weather and delicious treats :)!


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Shop Hop Top

The July Shop Hop quilt top is all finished and ready for quilting! I’m pretty pleased because normally I’m fairly enthusiastic early on with these things, but then in spite of my best intentions a few months (years?) go by and the blocks are still sitting unmade – if I can even figure out where I put them (to keep them “safe,” of course). Tell me I’m not the only one!

First, the remaining block:


This one is from The Quilting Bee in Fonthill – hands down the shop we were most impressed with on our travels. Big and open with lots of space and “balconies” along each side where the quilting machines were located. Loved browsing in this shop – a great discovery!

I was lucky enough to farm out the machine embroidery for the applique to Sister #1 who has a fancy machine that does blanket stitch (and so much more – remember the Crazy Quilts?). Thanks, Sis!

And here’s the finished top which includes all of the blocks from the past few weeks (see here, here and here if you’d like to look at all of the individual blocks):


Love it! The finishing design/kit is from The Quilt Place in Shakespeare. Doesn’t that colour combination make you think of cool fall days, a cozy blanket, a good book and a cup of hot chocolate? It sure does for me :). At the risk of having to wrestle it away from the grand daughter, I’m considering red minky for the back – that should up the cozy quotient exponentially.

While not a finish in the absolute sense of the word, I’m still calling this a finish and linking up with Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts – because I’m so pleased to have the blocks and top complete, and within two weeks of acquiring the last blocks, no less.

And, just because, here are a couple more photos from our Wisconsin trip that I didn’t include last week – both from the La Cross Public Library. The first one is from outside the library:


Yarn bomb, anyone :)? And, they rent bike locks inside at the circulation desk – how cool is that?

And this one is from inside:


I’m always so impressed by the generosity of quilters – how wonderful to share these quilts with the public like this.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday!


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No – not that kind :).

This kind:


Quilter’s booty!

As you can tell, the trip was a great success. While The Husband doesn’t generally object to checking out every quilt store between home and the final destination, there’s something about shopping with like-minded quilters that makes fabric browsing so enjoyable :). This bunch of supplies should last for a while – at least until the annual shopping trip to Erie, PA in November!

We had the pleasure of discovering Olive Juice Quilts in Onalaska, Wisconsin – a very pretty shop with lovely fabrics on offer.


I asked permission before taking a picture of these framed quilt blocks in their entryway – I have wanted to do something similar for some time with several blocks I acquired from a great-aunt’s relatives after she passed. I think that this treatment is lovely!


We also had an opportunity to visit near-by Sparta, Wisconsin – the Bicycle Capital of America (I offer the following photo as proof :)).


Quilt Corner is another very pretty shop with much to offer.


And my personal favourite (which I sadly neglected to take a picture of) was finding Field’s Fabrics in Kalamazoo. We happened upon this shop quite by accident as a result of choosing to spend a night en route at a hotel just around the corner. They had a huge inventory of quilting cottons, as well as an incredible selection of Kona solids – maybe more than Joanns. Why have I not found this store before?!!

So – an enjoyable trip and much sewing to follow!

Also of great interest to us as Canadians, was the warning to leave weapons at home when visiting the library. Sister #2, who happens to work at our local library, was especially fascinated. This photo is from our visit to the Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison, but the La Crosse Public Library had a similar notice on it’s doors. Weapons are not something we think about much here (not that they don’t exist in Canada because, sadly, they certainly do) but it’s not really a consideration when heading out to the library.


And what a beautiful building houses the Wisconsin Historical Society! I’m not sure that we came home knowing any more family history than when we set out, in spite of the helpful folks at both libraries, but the trip was certainly fun and we all had a great time.


I must include this last photo as sister #1 gave me this yellow coneflower plant in the spring, along with instructions to take good care of it :), and on my return I find it’s now happily in bloom in the backyard.


I’ve had a great week – hope you all did as well!


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Shop Hop Part III

We did it! We managed to visit all thirteen shops to collect the July Shop Hop blocks – what fun! I’ve been busy sewing blocks since we returned from our travels on Saturday and I’ve managed to put together all but one of the blocks (darn applique! Not my favourite!).

Here we have – vaguely in order of our visits – seven of the last remaining eight blocks. Applique to follow as soon as I buy fusible web!

From My Sewing Nook in Caledonia:


From Quilt Junction in Waterford (paper pieced – also not my favourite, but I can’t argue with the results):


From Seven Sisters Quilting in Norwich (the Bear Paw block was one of the first quilt blocks I ever made – love it!):


From Country Patchworks in Woodstock:


From Ye Olde Fabric Shoppe in Stratford:


From The Marsh Store in Coldstream/Ilderton (very cool store – lots of history here :)):


And last – but definitely not least, just the last store we happened to get to – Sew Creative Quilting in Mt. Brydges:


And here’s a peek at all seven blocks sitting out on the front porch:


These seven join the first five for a total of twelve finished blocks :). I hope to have the last block finished and ready to go by next week.

And the final verdict is that, after seeing all thirteen versions of the finished arrangements, I still like the version from the Shakespeare store the best – surprisingly it was the first one I saw! All versions were very pretty (like Jen commented last week – red and white is a classic combo!) but this particular version makes me think of cold nights, warm blankets and hot chocolate – what could be better :). I hope to head out there again on return from the genealogy extravaganza to pick up their finishing kit for the Shop Hop blocks.

In the meantime, happy Friday from La Crosse, Wisconsin :)!


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Shop Hop Part II

So far we’ve managed to visit 5 of the 13 shops that are participating in the July Shop Hop – for the first two blocks see last week. Eight more shops to go – and we’ll have to fit as many in on Saturday as we possibly can!

The next three blocks, presented in order of our visits, include this one from Undercover Quilts in Fergus (these super ladies were actually kind enough to mail out the red polka-dot fabric as it was not in stock the day we visited!):


This block is from the Hobby Horse Quilt Shop in Georgetown (another super nice lady who has had some challenges this past year – hopefully this year goes more smoothly!):


And this one is from Greenwood Quiltery in Guelph:


The red fabric on this last block is a little different than the others – maybe a little more orange? Not such a big deal with the finished design that I like (from the Quilt Place in Shakespeare) but if you were doing all red and white like several of the finished designs we’ve seen, a substitution for a fabric that is closer in tone to the other reds might be in order.


Other than blocks, there hasn’t been much progress around here this week – but I have a very good reason for my, er…, lack of motivation :). During the Grandpa project, I used quilt batting purchased on sale at Joann’s and then sewed together odds and ends of quilt batting until I really don’t have anything left. Since by this time next week, I’ll be in La Crosse, Wisconsin on a genealogy excursion with my mom and sisters (my great grandfather was born in Wisconsin), I might as well put The Way-Back project on hold for a week until I can get to Joann’s and purchase more batting (fingers crossed – hoping for a sale!).

Hope you enjoy your week!


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July Shop Hop in Ontario

It’s been a week of blocks here because several quilt stores in Southern Ontario are hosting a Shop Hop for the month of July – and who doesn’t love a Shop Hop :)?

We managed to get out over last weekend to a couple of the stores and we’re hoping to get to several others over the next two weekends. A total of 13 stores are participating in the July Shop Hop – I don’t know if we’ll get to all of them, but we will certainly try. Not only do participants receive a free block pattern but also the material to make the block (also free!) and an opportunity to enter to win some great prizes. Check it out if you’re in Ontario!

This first block is from our local quilt store in Kitchener, the Creative Sisters Quilt Studio.


And this block is from The Quilt Place in Shakespeare.


While the blocks and fabric to make them is free, there is (of course) a finishing kit available for purchase at each store to turn all of the Shop Hop blocks into a complete quilt top. So far, I really like the finished version at the Shakespeare shop – very pretty! – but I will admit that I didn’t notice the finished version at the Kitchener store (I will have to go back :)) and, with more stores ahead of us, we may find another finished arrangement that is equally appealing.

And, since it seemed to be a block week, I also completed my July block for the Classic Meets Modern QAL over at Sew at Home Mummy (and linking up my block over there :)).


I’m enjoying the wonky blocks! And still pleased that I’ve managed to keep up with the blocks – with only five months to go, I should be able to stay on track to the end of the QAL!

And finally for this week, while not a finish, those fabrics unearthed in the flood last week are gradually becoming 6 1/2-inch squares for use in Alzheimer Quilts and reducing the size of the pile considerably.


Hopefully, some of these squares will be a finish (or two!) soon :).

Happy Friday!


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