Another Little Bear

Very busy times here at LoGoQuilts right now – but this week I at least managed to finish up this new little bear for a new little boy due in the next few weeks (at least, we’re told the new one will be a boy).


I refer to this little guy as Smokey, but who knows what his prospective owner (or parents) will give him for a name. This pretty grey yarn was obtained by my sister (thanks, sis!) on one of her trips to our local yarn store. I don’t get over to this store very often, but she is a regular and kind enough to grab things for me when I need them. And the colour goes perfectly with the Giraffe Love quilt, doesn’t it :)?


Big sister has a green bear, similar to this one from last year. As then, the pattern is the Baby Bobbi Bear pattern from Blue Sky Alpacas and super fast to knit. Although (naturally) Blue Sky yarn is suggested, I used Misti Alpaca (Tonos Worsted “Hand Paint Tone on Tone” in colour Marcasite)- because that’s what my personal shopper provided :).

And, as always, linking up this finish to Finish-it-up-Friday at CrazyMomQuilts.

Happy Friday!


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Bamboo Lace Scarf Finish

It’s been a busy week with work commitments, so not too much progress overall craft-wise (oh why will my boss not pay me to knit, crotchet and sew?) but I thought I should still make time for a quick post to show you the finished bamboo lace scarf.


It measures approximately 48-inches in length and almost 8-inches wide.

I apologize for this next photo – the quality is not the best (night-time, without a flash, in a mirror…) even though I tried to enhance it a bit, but I wanted to give some sense of what it looks like on.


And, since it is a finish, however small, I’m linking up to Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts.

Enjoy your weekend :)!


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Little Finishes

It’s been a week of little things here – and sometimes that’s nice :).

First, to make up for my very late Classic Meets Modern QAL block last month, I thought I’d get ahead of things this month and sew up the October block a little earlier.


Two months to go! I’ve really been enjoying the QAL – it’s the first one I’ve participated in but it’s been a great experience. Erin’s instructions are great and each block is more fun than the last! You can find all of the blocks on Erin’s blog, Sew At Home Mummy. And I’m linking my block up with the other October blocks over on her blog.

As I was sewing this block together, instead of letting the little “ears” that were cut off the flying geese units go to waste, I decided to sew them together and make them up into this little mug rug for the husband.


We try for zero waste here (try being the operative word – that’s the ideal and working at it but we still have a long way to go) so it was great to use up these little bits and put them together into something useful right away instead of dropping them into the waste basket.

The next little finish is the leftover (again – yeh!) cuddly pink fabric from the little polo shirt quilt from a couple of weeks ago. You’ll recall that this was my sister’s idea – and I’m grateful she suggested it :)!


I think a little girl will love this soft and cuddly pillow :). I trimmed the strip of fabric leftover from the bottom of the quilt back to even it up, folded it in half, sewed around the edges leaving an opening on one of the short ends for flipping/stuffing and filled with polyester fiberfill.


It’s a cute and cuddly 25″ long and 12″ wide – not bad for a leftover strip of fabric. This method won’t allow her mom to remove a pillow form for washing, but my thought is that if the stuffing gets too lumpy with repeated washing, the fiberfill can just be replaced down the road (hmmm…. maybe more wasteful than I had initially hoped – I guess I’ll have to hope that the fiberfill holds up). Nevertheless, it looks great with the little polo quilt.


And the final little finish for today, are these wonderful little lavender satchets made using this tutorial from Flossie Tea Cakes.


The instructions are clear and easy to follow; I learned how to improve corner construction and sew an opening closed invisibly using a ladder stitch (although, I’ll have to admit that I used a knitting needle instead of the pin she suggests for teasing out the fabric at the corners). I suppose the moral of this story is that you can teach an old dog new tricks (except for the knitting needle) – and these new tricks are sure to be used again by this old dog on other projects.


They are wonderful little pillows of lavender scented goodness – perfect for keeping drawers smelling nice or (perhaps?) giving as a gift …

I think there are more than enough finishes here to link up to Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts :).

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all of the Canadians out there!


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Shop Hop Finish

It’s finished! And early enough to get some decent pictures outside on the porch this morning – a good thing since the weather is very wet and windy tonight.


I’m fairly pleased – like I mentioned before, I often want to do things like the shop hop and, too often, time (or lack thereof) and commitments get in the way. Then before I know it, months have passed and incomplete projects are languishing somewhere in the stash/sewing room. Not so this time!

It’s quilted in a two-inch diagonal grid (my favourite method) which is a little bit hard to see among the blur of red on the back…


…even up close…


…with grey thread – only because it was on hand and fairly neutral.

Unexpectedly, this one turned into a bit of a struggle – though I will admit it’s my own fault. I absolutely fell in love with the micro chenille I used on the back of the Giraffe Love quilt and really wanted to use it again on this one. However, this quilt top was a little wider – 60 inches wide, in fact, and the exact width of the micro chenille. I decided that I would give this a try, in spite of the fact that I usually try to give myself a little bit more of a margin for error with a few inches extra in width.

Of course, in the process of quilting, things shifted a bit. This has certainly happened to me before and normally wouldn’t matter – except for the zero extra to play with! So, what’s a quilter to do?

Well, you might (or maybe not) notice that those borders are about two inches narrower than the finished top from a few weeks ago. Once the quilting was complete, I trimmed about two inches off the outside, all the way around, to get things evened up – so instead of nice wide six-inch borders, I now have narrower, but still okay, four-inch borders….


I guess part of quilting is learning how to be flexible? (Or maybe just an occasional problem solver :).)

And linking up with Finish-it-up-Friday @ CrazyMomQuilts because it’s finished!


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September QAL Block

…just in the nick of time :)…


I know I don’t usually post on Monday, but just to prove that the block was done before the end of September… And in honour of the season, more colourful this time! Linking my block to the Classic Meets Modern QAL @ Sew At Home Mummy.

And here’s how I know it’s fall:


Happy Monday!


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Premier Week

Well, there hasn’t been much progress around here this week – too many premiers on television to watch :). I’m not a huge television watcher, generally speaking, but it’s always nice to catch the first show of the season of a couple of favourites. As a result, the July Shop Hop quilt is still in progress (it’s half quilted now, but I won’t bore you with another pic of the top as you saw it back here), the September Classic Meets Modern QAL block is not complete (and I might have to post it over the weekend to get it in before the end of the month!) and there has been no additional progress on any of the Way-Back projects….

Television watching, however, does require knitting – and since my sister and I managed to find some beautiful bamboo (with free scarf pattern included – bonus!) at our local knitting guild’s annual show a couple of weeks ago, it’s been a week of knitting!

Here’s the skein of newly purchased yarn:


And here’s what a week of television watching brings:


So, no quilty progress, but I might have a nice green scarf to wear before long – and a good thing too, because fall arrived this past week and the cool weather is on it’s way!

Happy Friday!


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Big and Little

It’s been a beautiful fall week here – even if it is a little cooler than normal for this time of year. Last weekend we made the trip to Point Pelee National Park, about a three hour drive from where we live. Point Pelee is the southernmost point in Canada and a great place for bird and butterfly watching as it is a stop on the migratory route for many bird species as well as Monarch butterflies.

We didn’t see that many butterflies because we weren’t there at the perfect time of day, not to mention the lower numbers of Monarchs generally – probably due to the impacts of reduced habitat (people clearing milkweed). But we did find this little guy sunning himself by the visitor’s centre.


And here’s the view from the point, standing on the last little bit of sand before entering Lake Erie (the waters of which are apparently VERY dangerous here because of the currents around the point) and looking back toward land.


And now for the quilt connection :). You first saw Little a few weeks ago – she was just a top then. But on the way to Point Pelee, she received her final touches, with a beautiful pink binding to compliment her pink ties and frothy pink backing (more on that in a minute). Here she is showing off at the entrance to the park.


And here’s her gorgeous back:


That pink “minky” imitation fabric is as soft as down, if a little hard on the eyes, but still just perfect for someone who will soon be a big sister. MY big sister took one look at Little lying on the floor, pinned and ready for tying and said, “you’ll have a nice strip left of the backing to make a little pillow.” Der, of course – wish I’d thought of that! Pillow to follow in a bit :).

And, for daddy – a second, matching quilt from his polo shirts. This is Big:


Sorry – the last stitch completed on the binding just a little too late for an outside picture (now that it’s fall, it’s becoming a challenge again!). And on the back of Big, a nice blue fleece polka dot:


Maybe not quite a soft as the pink, but still soft, comfy and warm for a daddy to keep warm over the winter (and they DO get winter in Saskatchewan!).

And, all snuggled up together – Big and Little:


And that’s one (1!) Way-Back Project complete! Too bad – no link up with Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts this week because of technical difficulties (I can relate!), but I would have linked up as this is a double finish :)!

It’s still warm enough to ride my bike to work and this week, Mr. G.B. Heron has moved to my side of the pond on a couple of evenings. I had to stop to take another photo of him, but he was definitely aware of me and actually turned his back to me to let me know what he thought of my presence – having raised children, I’m used to this reaction :).


Here’s to happy trails and a warm autumn!



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