Two Small Bags

There hasn’t been much sewing since the conclusion of the Grandpa project, however, I did have a request for a small bag to hold computer cords and the like. And since I was making a bag for someone else, I decided I needed one, too :).

Here are the results:


They are cute and I have a feeling more bags are to follow – the orange-y one may be too big for the requestor (the blue one is mine) so I will be trying out a couple of other bag tutorials as well. These two were made using this easy to follow tutorial over at Sew Delicious.

In the meantime, this is a finish so I’m linking up to Finish it up Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts.

I was hoping for another long weekend tutorial over the weekend, but between family visiting us and us visiting family, I really don’t think it’s going to happen. I will definitely pledge to have something for you for the May 24th weekend – the first official long weekend of the summer!

Happy Easter! And may the bunny be good to you :).


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Grand(pa) Finale!

The last Grandpa quilt is finished and ready to go! It is a string quilt with a little bit of just about everything in it and I think that it turned out great.


It is a little smaller than some of the others, but I think that what it lacks in size is more than made up for in design. Here’s the back, too:


It’s based on another pattern from the “String Quilt Revival” book by Virginia Baker and Barbara Saunders. Their pattern is called “Diamonds are Forever,” but I’m calling my version “Grandpa’s Stars” because I think the blue centre diamonds look like stars and the border print has a star in it as well. I didn’t use the mesh stabilizer they suggest, but half the phone book helped put the blocks together.

So here we are – eight complete Grandpa quilts in all, just in time for children/grandchildren to receive over the Easter weekend!


Ta da! They take up half the yard when hung out together like this – and this was really the first chance for outside photos thanks to a little help from son P :).

From left to right (youngest to oldest): Grandpa-2-a-T (youngest nephew T); Grandpa in Flannels (youngest son J); Grandpa’s Travels (middle nephew J); On the Porch with Grandpa (middle son P); Grandpa’s Applesauce (oldest nephew C); Grandpa’s Tilley Quilt (oldest daughter E); Grandpa’s Cardigans (unassigned at the moment but either BIL M or husband P); and, Grandpa’s Star (from today so see above for the finish, and the same – unassigned, so BIL M or husband P).

And all of the backs:


Feeling very accomplished today! And linking up to Finish it up Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts.

Goodbye, Grandpa Project – soooo moving on to other things now :).


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Next Generation Sewist

Well, not too much progress on Grandpa Quilt #Last this week aside from some borders and backing construction, however, in the spirit of finishing up projects I did complete this little outfit.


Or, more correctly, I have finished up the final details on the outfit Grand-daughter G was sewing for Grand-daughter S as a Brownie sewing badge project.

She began work on this outfit last year and we worked on it together over the Christmas holidays. We used Kwik Sew pattern 3689 in size 18-24 months and Grand-daughter G chose the fabric and notions at our local Fabricland store. After the holidays, the project was left with me to complete the finishing touches – the hat, button holes and buttons on the dress and the elastic in the bloomers. It’s only taken me just over three months and the badge was awarded long ago (she did a lot of work as you’ll see, and her leaders were willing to accept the photos as evidence of the work). In my defence, I have been a little focused on the Grandpa project and, if you’ve been following along, you’ll know that I don’t do a whole lot of garment sewing (unless it’s something too cute to resist :)).

Here she is at work cutting out the pattern.


And here we are at work sewing.


And the finished dress (except for the buttons :)) – with a very proud little sewist.


I may have had a little push to finish up because Grand-daughter S will be here with DIL-T for a quick visit next week – and as S will be 24 months in early June, there likely won’t be a whole lot of mileage left on the outfit at this point. But I’m sure that G will be delighted to present the finished product to the little one.

One brownie badge complete? Check!

Another sewist coming along nicely? Ditto!


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Another late one!

But it’s still Friday in my world :).

I can’t say that this quilt top is finished because borders are still to go on, however, it’s close enough to share a quick update. I would say that this top is “hot off the press” but I’m sure that you’ll be able to tell that it clearly needs a good pressing before the three B’s are applied (borders, batting and backing :)).


With this top, we’re at Grandpa Quilt top #8 (and the final Grandpa Quilt top!). The blue star points are from several pairs of pants Grandpa wore towards the end of his life, and the strings are made up of assorted shirt scraps and bits of other material from the backs, bindings and sashing of the first seven quilts – it’s pretty much a case of if it was in one of the Grandpa quilts somewhere, it’s in this top. I debated about adding the “non-shirt” scraps at first, but in retrospect I’m glad that I did because I think the additional materials give some much needed colour and variety – not to mention, using up more bits and pieces of leftover fabric.

And speaking of leftover fabric…


I don’t think that scrap box looks any different from when I first started sewing this quilt top a couple of weeks ago. Even a start at cutting 6 1/2-inch squares from any pieces large enough to yield them to make into memory quilts for donation to our local Alzheimer Society doesn’t seem to have made much of a dent.


The sad thing is that this pile is just a fraction of what the leftovers will yield. I have no idea how many memory quilts will result, but I will let you know what the final count ends up being.

Oh, Grandpa – why did you have to be such a clothes horse?!!


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Welcome Spring!

And not a moment too soon!

Wait – what’s that you say? More snow tomorrow? Noooooo! (Insert image of Edvard Munch’s The Scream here – I would, were it not for copyright considerations!).

Still, I suppose the continued cool temperatures will give Grandson L a chance to enjoy this too cute hat.


The “model” happens to be one of those Tupperware shape-sorter balls that is still hanging around the house for grandkids to play with. I’ve never met a toddler that didn’t love this thing – even with it’s cracked side and chewed shapes (apparently The Dog is also a toddler and loves this toy as well). Here’s the hat with the flaps tied up.


I made this hat using the tutorial over at Delia Creates – the instructions are clear and easy to follow and the whole thing, from cutting to photos, took me about an hour and a half, tops. I debated, but finally decided on the blue t-shirt for the outer part of the hat. I should have learned from the last time I repurposed a t-shirt that they are great if you get the sewing right the first time (I never do) and you don’t have to rip any seams out (every time!). The thing with well loved T’s is that the fabric just doesn’t stand up to re-stitching if you make a mistake. The knit also has more stretch than the fleece which made it a little challenging to get everything to play nicely together – I’d probably use fleece for both layers if I ever made this hat again. Still, it’s very cute and will go along with this book that Son P and A-DIL-M are giving the little guy for his birthday next week (and I promise to add a photo of L in the hat after he receives it!).

(Edited to add photo of Mister L in his hat at his birthday party! Cutie Pie :).)


Otherwise, there has not been too much progress in the way of the final Grandpa Quilt. I managed to sew another 20 blocks (if you need a visual, look at last week and picture the pile 20 blocks higher :)). I did, however, complete my March block for the Classic Meets Modern QAL.


Yes, the one centre polka dot patch was intentional – I thought that one asymmetrical patch looked cool :).

You might recall (or maybe not) that I was thinking pink and grey back in January. By last month, I realized that I didn’t really have a lot on hand that would help make the pink happen, so green crept into the block – and I do have green!

This month, it’s all about the green – maybe it’s St. Patrick’s Day influencing the colour choices but more likely, it’s just that I have a variety of green hanging around making it easier to coordinate. And with all that green, surely spring will soon make an appearance!

Embrace your green side! I have…


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A Week of New Beginnings

…but sadly no finishes :).

Never-the-less, you have to start somewhere to get where you’re going – so here’s where I started this week with Grandpa Quilt #8.


This box contains all of the scraps leftover from the seven (!) previous Grandpa Quilts – or rather, most of them since I hate to admit there might be a few scraps stuck in another small box downstairs. The plan is to use as many of the scraps as possible to create another string quilt. Any material left after this one that can be cut into 6 1/2-inch squares will be made into lap quilts for donation to our local Alzheimer Society.

The first ten blocks of the next (and final) Grandpa Quilt:


The blue wedge in the centre was cut from four pairs of pants of the same colour – more than enough for 120 blocks! For some reason, every time I start one of the Grandpa Quilts, I worry that there won’t be enough material to complete the quilt – I should have learned by now that there is more material from Grandpa’s quilts than I can possibly use up.

I also began this knitted afghan for daughter E. this week. It’s been a while since I’ve done any knitting and with four completed crotchet projects under my belt last year, I felt like it was time to pick up the needles again.


The yarn is Patons Decor and I really like knitting with it. Previous results have been warm and comfortable, and I’ve had no problem washing blankets repeatedly (required with the amount of dog hair floating around here). You can see that I’m not very far along, but since I’m mostly knitting on my lunch hour, this one might take a while. Typically, I don’t even complete an entire row in the half hour or so between eating and heading back to the desk.

Last but not least, not quite started but in the planning stage, a little hat for Grandson L. using this tutorial from over at Delia Creates.


The leftover beige baby lamb fleece for the inside is a no brainer – but the debate is whether to upcycle the light blue t-shirt for the outside of the hat, or to use the black and white flannel check. I haven’t made a decision yet, but I’m leaning toward the blue. It’s his birthday at the end of March and he’ll be too cute in a little lumberjack/aviator hat.

Hope you all had a great week!


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And More Sweaters…

First though, finished socks for DIL-T – finally!


They were meant to be Christmas socks, but apparently I’m consumed by Grandpa quilts. The pink(ish) socks were to go along with the blue ones that I knit for son J (and he did receive his at Christmas – I was just a little slower with the second pair for the DIL).


Being consumed by Grandpa quilts is not necessarily a bad thing – one more and I will have completed my total goal of eight. I’ll be getting to work on the last one over the weekend – I just felt the need for a little break this week because I’m getting a little tired of them – hope you don’t feel the same! As I mentioned before, Grandpa’s clothes are the gift that keeps on giving.


And giving! Yes – this little lap quilt is made from more 4 1/2-inch squares cut from the sleeves of Grandpa’s sweaters, just like the little lap quilt that I made for Grandma’s birthday (and word is that it’s quite the conversation starter over at the retirement residence). But, at 44 inches square, this one is a little bigger because I’m not in a wheelchair – yet…


The back is beige baby-lamb fleece – soft and cozy! With all the leftover sweater bits, I thought I could treat myself to a little gift from Grandpa as well. It will live on the back of my chair to keep me warm. And is it warm!


I can practically guarantee you the weather will now improve and there will be no need for this toasty little sweater for my lap :).

And speaking of breaks, no link up to Crazy Mom Quilts today in spite of the finishes as Amanda Jean has posted that she is taking a March break. She is such an inspirational and generous blogger, I think no one deserves a holiday more – so I hope she enjoys it!

Happy Friday!


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