The Twin

The twin quilt to last week’s finish is also now complete.

The two quilts are identical in every way except for the one jungle animal fabric: in the first quilt it is yellow and in the second below, blue.


I even managed to find, as we shop-hopped a couple of weeks ago, enough of the yellow and grey fabrics for two identical backs.


Here’s a close up of the two quilts so you can see the slight difference with the two fabrics.


And, since I promised a better (day light) picture of the first quilt, here are the twins together.


And, two weeks in a row, linking up with Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts before heading back to the sewing room to start baby quilt number four!

Happy Friday!


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Another Baby Quilt

My plan was to head straight home after work today and finish stitching the binding down on the next baby quilt in the queue for expectant co-workers. The family had other plans, however, and we took time out for Ribfest – which was very yummy, but the end result was that the last stitch didn’t get placed until well after dark. Better pictures will be forthcoming.


The number is now up to 8 babies due over the summer and into the fall – yikes! Another co-worker is a quilter as well so I’m now calling in reinforcements, but I still need to get a few baby quilts ready for the 5 babies coming over the next few weeks – one has arrived already and the number includes a set of twins.


This little yellow and grey quilt has a matching partner, almost the same, which should be completed shortly as well. I’ll see if I can get daylight photos of the two quilts together for next time, but I’m still feeling pretty accomplished today. The pattern, as it always is for my babies, is the Stacked Coins baby quilt which you can find here.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a finish so I’m linking to Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts.

Happy Friday!


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It’s July

And in Southern Ontario, that means it’s time again for the July Shop Hop! We managed to get to four of the fourteen participating shops last weekend, with hopes to get to the remaining shops over the next two weekends.

Last year [2015] the blocks were blue and white (and I hate to admit, my blocks are still waiting to be sewn together in a complete quilt top – but at least all the blocks were sewn). The year before [2014 – and our first year, though not the first year of the shop hop] the blocks were red and white. This year the colour scheme seems to be very fall-like.


The block from our home store, Creative Sisters – it’s a little different and I struggled a little to get those green bits in the centre where they were supposed to be. In the end, they aren’t exactly like the demo block, but I can live with them.


This block is from Greenwood Quiltery and is made of shot cottons which I’ve not sewn with before. This store also has my favorite finished version of the quilt made from the shop hop blocks (so far).


This block is from Heart N Home in New Hamburg – this block went together perfectly and I really like the result.

I realize the posts have been somewhat sporadic of late and I’m working to get back to my usual Friday evening posts. There are several WIPs behind the scenes right now so, given a little sewing time through the week, there should be lots to share over the summer!

Happy Friday!


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One Grandma quilt top complete.


It’s only the top so you’ll be seeing it again once quilted, but I’m considering this an accomplishment. That pieced border took me forever – no good reason, but it did.


Like I said, I would have left it off, but it does add a little something.

And one more view of the finished quilt top!


Happy Monday!


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27 and Counting…

I’ve decided pieced borders are not really my thing. I would skip this one entirely, but the Great Granny Squared quilt looks so nice with the pieced border in the photo from the pattern that I don’t want to leave it off.

My issue with pieced borders is that it feels almost like making another entire quilt – after the quilt top is already done. The rest of the blocks came together quickly and now I toil away on blocks for the border, 27 of 62 complete….


On another note, two days after the picture of the Forget-Me-Nots from last time, the owners of that yard mowed their grass and the flowers were gone. It’s a sea of wild phlox along the trail now.


And a few poppies gone wild as well…


With any luck, a completed quilt top by this time next week!

Happy Friday!


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Long Weekends, the Trail and Lateness

It’s too late for Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts, but even though it’s Saturday I thought I would still share this week’s finish.


I mentioned a couple of weeks ago there are 5 babies expected by coworkers this summer and this is the first of the 5 baby quilts for these little ones.

And here’s the back:


The red polka dot (Love by Amy Butler for Rowan) was a deal at a local quilt shop and with just over a metre on the bolt, exactly the right amount to finish off the backing and binding for this little quilt.

Work is still ongoing with the Grandma quilt and my excuse for the lateness is that I ran out of white background fabric. Most of the top is complete except for the pieced borders – I’ll be working on those this week and hope to make some progress.

I also didn’t spend as much time sewing on the long weekend as I had thought I might (more excuses :)). Here’s how I spent part of my long weekend (among other things like babysitting, grooming The Dog’s Friend and gardening).

Saturday 9am:


Saturday 3pm:


(Not my fence project: The Sister’s. She was going for zen and I think she achieved it with her unique design.)

And last, but not least, you might remember that two summers ago, I made an effort to commute to work by bike rather than drive the car. My theory is that it’s good for me and the environment, but at just over 12km, it’s a bit of a ride. I didn’t get any riding time in last summer because of work travel, but that seems to have slowed a little for now so I’ve dusted off the bike, pumped up the tires and I’m back on the trail.


One of the things I enjoy most about the ride is being able to enjoy the flowers, birds and urban wildlife that I wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to see on the way to work. I’m not sure how obvious it is in this photo, but this yard is a sea of blue Forget-Me-Nots (my favorite flower) – they won’t last much longer here as we move into June so I tried to grab the view.

Happy trails to you, too!




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Moving Right Along…

… but not yet quite finished is the Great Granny Squared quilt. I hope to at least have the top finished in the next week and the first long weekend of summer might help with this goal. In the meantime, here are my two favorite blocks!

This one is just really pretty.


In the center and all around the outside of the block are pieces of a blouse worn by Grandma. As there were two of this particular blouse and a matching skirt, this fabric will definitely be showing up again in other Grandma quilts.

I like this one too.


Hard to believe the centre square and outside edge of this block came from fabric that was a pair of shorts in a previous life.

It’s looking a lot more like summer out there!


Happy first long weekend of the summer!


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