Cable Scarf

It’s been a productive knitting week and this little cable scarf is complete.


It might have something to do with an English/Irish/Scottish (among other nationalities) heritage, but I have always loved cables. I don’t find they are all that complicated to knit and you can’t argue with the results.


(Obviously not yet blocked.) The yarn is Berroco Vintage, colour 5197 – not sure if it has an actual name but it’s a beautiful blue/green and washable. I found the yarn while visiting the lovely A Stitch in Time needlework shop in Jacksonville, FL.


I may have to make a trip back for another skein of the same colour to make coordinating mittens since it’s getting cold at home in Southern Ontario. I often find it difficult to judge when to stop knitting when the instructions are “knit to desired length” using up as much yarn as possible but leaving enough yarn to cast off. I think I did fairly well this time as this is all that was left over.


The pattern is called Kinsey’s Cable Scarf by Samantha Rogers and is available as a free Ravelry download.


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Happy Friday!


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I’m either very late for last week or a little bit early this week, but either way not much sewing has been happening around here. Because of travel, I decided to try a little bit of English Paper Piecing to satisfy the need for sewing on the road, and while I’m enjoying it, I think a little more prep/organization will be required.

Here’s all that’s been done so far:

IMG_0490 (1)

The tiny pair of scissors allowed by the airline that I take along in my travel sewing kit are impossibly small. This makes cutting out shapes on the road very difficult, so I think I’m going to have to start cutting out my shapes at home ahead of time to pack and take with me. Never-the-less, the EPP gives me something to do on those long evenings of TV watching – something I’m usually too busy to do all that much of at home.

And just before I left Florida this last time, the weather was so nice the lions in the park were out in their fall finery – so I had to snap a pic.


This is also the annual shopping weekend for Sister #1 and I – hoping for great quilting finds :).

Happy early weekend!


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Dog Gone Cute Mug Rug

I don’t know if you’re following the Dog Gone Cute Quilt Along over at Sew Fresh Quilts, but it’s puppy paradise over there and they are definitely cute. I haven’t been following along as actively as I would have liked, but recently a friend and co-worker had a very sick puppy (fortunately he’s much better now, but it was very stressful for her for a while) and I thought a little puppy mug rug might help cheer her up.


Isn’t he cute? I made one block of the smaller version of the puppy pattern – I can’t remember which block number this was, but there are several to choose from. My friend’s puppy is a Bernese Mountain Dog and I also tried to capture somewhat close to accurate colouring, although I will admit that’s a navy not a black in the main part of the face. She seemed pleased with it anyway, so I would say the results were successful.

Here’s another view with some fall garden action going on behind (that brown stain above the puppy is from our resident chipmunk eating crab apples on the ledge – just in case you were wondering :)):


Now to get to work building more puppies for a little boy who is soon to have a November birthday – not sure that will happen on time, but maybe sometime in the next few weeks?

And this is a finish, small though it may be, so I’m linking up with Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts.

Happy fall Friday!


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Two Bags and a Mug Rug

It’s been a week of little things.


I used to travel with the professional bag, which I love because of all the pockets that help organize everything I need to take with me – except for when the airline makes me check my carry on (aka the “rollie bag” and the place the professional bag rides) and I have to walk from one end of the terminal to the exact opposite end of the terminal for my connecting flight with the professional bag hanging on one shoulder. You get the picture.

So I decided to invest in a leather backpack from Roots (backpacks for grown-ups) which has solved the too much weight on one shoulder problem, but unfortunately I miss my numerous pockets that organized all my stuff. What to do?

Little bags, of course :).


I know that I’m probably way behind on this trend, but these little triangle pouches are so cute I had to make a couple of them. You can find the pattern for both over at A Spoonful of Sugar (the link to the smaller bag is within the post I’ve linked to here).


The little one is only 10cm (4 inches) down the front.


The (slightly) bigger version is 12cm (4.7 inches). I had a bunch of zippers gifted to me by my mother so I just cut down ones I already had – someday I’ll include a photo of the large jar with all the zippers in it :).

I feel more organized already – but more little bags may be needed!


The other item finished this week is a little mug rug for a friend and co-worker.

I found a photo of a similar mug rug here and used it as the basis for my own version (no instructions were given where I found it so I guess-timated). This friend is very involved in music, both as a choir director and as part of a singing group, so I thought the fabric choice suited very well.


I hope he likes it as much as I do!

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Have a happy (chilly) Friday!


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Mission Accomplished!

The July Shop Hop blocks are all sewn and ready to be made into a complete quilt.

Here are the last few (and yes, I am still taking photos with my iPhone and with the shorter days, it’s getting even harder to get a good picture!):


I think this windmill block is from Sew Creative in Mount Brydges, ON (I will confirm and update if not :)). It is hand appliqué with the cross-arms done in a satin stitch on the machine. Appliqué (hand sewing in general) is not my favourite thing but with all the travel this year, and more to come, I will likely be doing more of it (you may see some English paper piecing in the next couple of weeks). In the demo version of this block, they had a cute heart shaped button at the intersection, but I had this little guy on hand so I decided to use him here.

Here’s the second last block:


This one is from Country Patchworks just outside of Woodstock, ON. It is paper pieced and while I certainly can’t argue with the result, it is not my favourite way to sew (are you sensing a theme with these last few blocks? Probably why they were left for the last :)). There are only 6 seams per quadrant in this block and I think I had to remove about 8 seams and redo them. I guess my brain just doesn’t work the way paper piecing does – either that or I need to get more sleep and pay more attention to detail :).

And here’s the last block!


This one is from The Quilt Place in Shakespeare, ON. The pieces for this block are cut out using templates and sewn together in segments. I don’t mind this method as this is how I started quilting many moons ago. I actually found it easier putting this block together than the other two above!

And voila!


Just in time for Thanksgiving, fifteen finished July Shop Hop blocks for 2015! And a big thank you to all the participating shops! This is the second year we’ve had so much fun collecting the blocks and visiting shops we don’t get to at any other time of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Welcome Fall!

I don’t know about where you are, but here it is definitely feeling like fall these days! Because of that, I think it’s about time I finished up the July Shop Hop blocks. You may have noticed my absence last week, once again because of travel, but that meant the perfect opportunity to do some of the hand work involved in a couple of the remaining blocks.


I’m pretty sure this fan block was from the Hobby Horse Quilt Shop just outside of Georgetown (I will check and update if that’s not true!).


And this Hexi block was from the Quilting Bee in Fonthill, ON.

There are a few remaining blocks to finish – I think I have three more to go before all of the blocks are complete. My goal is to have all three finished by next week. After that the next step will be to choose a finishing arrangement and make sure that I have the fabric to complete this year’s Shop Hop quilt – but I will have to think about that next week!

Happy Fall!


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New Baby Finish

A late blog post, but I had some technical difficulties last night – I tried to create this post over mobile, but couldn’t seem to overcome the upload of the photos, even thought they were on my iPhone and seemed to be under the size limit required. Never the less, here it is Saturday morning and I have a better connection for my computer today, so the post is here :).

I started this one a couple of weeks ago, but since the intended recipient arrived last week, it’s good to have it finished up. Dad is a co-worker and often cycles to work, so there is a bit of a bicycle theme going on here for baby boy.


And on the back, more bicycles:


Feeling great about having a finish – and since the linky party is still open, I’m linking up with Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts.

Happy Friday (er, Saturday!)!


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