April and May

Well, in spite of my absence here I am still keeping on track with the UFO challenge projects. So to catch up a little bit here is the April UFO.


This little quilt kit has been sitting on the sewing room table for more than 4 years so I’m definitely happy to have it finished. In fact, it’s been around so long that the quilt store I purchased it from is no longer in business!


The backing is just a nice coordinating print. The pattern is called Posh Tot by Blue Underground Studios and will make a perfect baby gift for Nephew and Niece-in-law expecting their first in the summer (cannot believe I’m actually ahead for a change!).

And for the May UFO it was back to one of the Grandma Project quilts.


This one I call Grandma’s Flower Garden and the pattern is from the book ScrapTherapy Scraps Plus One by Joan Ford (Flower Bed in the book). One of my most enduring memories was that Grandma always displayed a rose in a crystal bowl on the dining room or coffee table when they were in season (although it was definitely  Grandpa who did the outside garden work and grew the roses :)).


This one is big enough that it was difficult to get a good picture of it with the rainy weather at the time. I’m so happy to have it complete as the top has also been sitting around for some time waiting for me to get back to it between work travel and other commitments.

And speaking of work travel …


I was lucky enough to be able to visit London earlier this month and to fit in a trip to the Liberty of London store near Oxford Circus. They happened to be displaying these lovely quilts over the railings on the upper floors where the fabric is sold. Well worth the effort to visit and I hope to be able to get back again some day!

And now on to the June UFO!

Happy sewing!



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More Progress!

It’s been several weeks since the last post but there’s been lots of action behind the scenes here to keep up with the WIP challenge.

Now complete is the March WIP and a little bonus as well. Let’s start with the March quilt first.


These blocks are from the 2018 July Shop Hop and it’s so nice to call this one finished.


I used the Hobby Horse Quilt Shop’s finishing kit for a lovely watercolour effect and pieced together spare yardage for the back. Individual blocks are embellished with embroidery and I won’t include closeups of all of the blocks but here are a couple of my favourites.


These pine trees are so cute – so pleased with the way they turned out.


And sunflowers always make me smile and think of warm summer days. Grand daughter S. has claimed rights to this one with its pretty flowers amd embroidery.

Best of all, I was able to turn the leftovers into a quick baby quilt for friends who just welcomed their first little girl. (As usual the Stacked Coins Baby Quilt.)


Hoping they really like flowers :).


And it’s on to the next WIP for April. It’s a smaller project so stay tuned – more to come shortly!

Happy spring!


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Hello 2019!

It has been a very slow start to 2019 around here – I’m hoping to get back on track and begin getting some forward momentum for this year since last year was mainly meeting deadlines with baby quilts. That having been said, I probably have 4 or 5 baby quilts to get done in the next couple of months for friends and family now that I’ve given up the job of official office quilter :).

At the same time our local quilt guild has decided to do a WIP challenge, similar to the one Moda runs, but with the top 5 WIPs on our lists to be completed between now and June when the guild breaks for the summer. I have to say, it’s made me VERY aware of just how many WIPs I have on the go (I counted 25!!!) so there will have to be some catching up in 2019.

Here is the first project complete as a result of the challenge (happily down to 24 WIPs now):


So happy to have this one finished! And it’s a big one for sure! I don’t think I mentioned it when the patchwork was completed, but this one has been in progress for probably close to 10 years!


And the back is as nice as the front. I find the colours to be very cheerful so it’s going into use in my room right away.

Next up for March are the 2018 July Shop Hop blocks – hoping I can get them finished over the next couple of weeks in time for the guild meeting!

Happy February!


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Babies and Pillows

At long long last, the end of the baby quilts for the office.


By interesting coincidence, I think this one might be the prettiest of the bunch.


With the number of coworkers in the age range to start families, it’s become impossible to keep up with the baby quilts and get anything else done around here so this is the end. It’s been a great run, but it’s time to move on…

Speaking of which, this little pillow is finished just in time for Christmas.


The embroidery was completed way back in March during travels to the UK. I’m glad that it’s finally done and ready to be enjoyed for the holidays.

Wishing you all the best of the season!


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Another Baby Quilt

One more baby quilt for a coworker. [Pattern here.]


And one more to go.


And then I’m done :).

Happy Wednesday!


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Catching UP

It’s been soooooo…… long since the last post. A whole summer season has passed me by and very little has made it here to the blog. There has been much walking on the trail …


And much travel here and there …


But that doesn’t mean that all sewing has been entirely abandoned, so there will be some catching up to happen over the next week or so.

I will start with the last first and work my way back to the beginning of the summer.


The go-to baby quilt pattern (found here). This one is for a co-worker, also a quilter and the person who assists with the baby quilts for the office, about to have her first baby. With her absence the baby quilts for co-workers will definitely have to end since there is no way for me to continue this tradition on my own – unless, of course, I want to give up all other sewing. The company is growing and babies now seem to come along at a rate of 1 – 2 per month.


This lovely little quilt finished earlier this week – the fabrics are the recipient’s choice (she showed them to me on instagram) but also a surprise since she won’t know that I purchased and used these fabrics until she receives the quilt.

More to come soon!

Happy Thursday!


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It’s been a very long time since the last post but a lot of embroidery has been completed during my travels. I’ve been 4 weeks in the UK and then at a conference in the US for a week – and happy to be home and back with my sewing machine!

In the meantime, here is what’s been completed:


This cute pattern is the Vintage Candy Cane Snowman pillow from Crabapple Hill Studio. I’ve had the pattern for at least two years and never seem to get around to completing it before Christmas, and then it goes on the lower priority list for the rest of the year. I plan to get the pillow finished up in lots of time for Christmas 2018 now that the embroidery part is done.


This little embroidery project and the ones that follow are a block of the month project from Jenny of Elephanz. Each design is free for the month in which it’s released and then available for a small fee after that. (Apologies for the wrinkles – the little stitchery blocks had not yet been pressed when the photos were taken.)


So far I’ve completed January, February and March, with April and May now waiting for attention.


The blocks will be put together to create a quilt at the end of the year – appropriately named “A Year in the Garden.”


And Mother’s Day was spent happily in the woods (hiking the Bruce Trail) with Daughter E. and grandchildren G. and L. – I can’t think of a nicer way to spend a lovely day.

Happy Monday!


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