Back in Action

Well, you can probably tell that there have been a couple of weeks with little to no action going on around here, and I can’t even blame travel this time. My motivation has hit an all time low, but hopefully, I will be extra motivated in the next few weeks to get the Grandma project going.


These skirts are now washed and waiting for deconstruction. Many of them have matching blouses that have already been taken apart and are just waiting for me to get my act together and start sewing. The plan is to begin with the Great Granny Block, like the cushion covers from last week, to put the first Grandma quilt together.It should be an appropriate block since my MIL was a mother to two, grandmother to six and great-grandmother to four by the time she passed last year.


You can see there are a lot of pretty florals from Grandma’s wardrobe. I was travelling at the time of the final clean-up and had to rely on The Daughter to grab some appropriate garments for the Grandma project – her detailed instructions were to “save the things you remember Grandma wearing.” For a non-quilter, she did a pretty good job! Imagine my surprise when I was deconstructing the blouses and realized that many of the items she chose to keep for me were actually made with Liberty Lawn fabric for Tilley!

And finally for this week, here’s the setting sun in my neighborhood tonight, turning the tree tops golden.


Happy Spring (at last)!


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Granny Square Cushion Covers

A finish this week – and posted on Friday! There was a sneak peak of these Granny Square Cushion Covers here, but now they are covering up the cushions they were intended for.


This was another request from The Sister. It started with her asking The Mother if she could make pillow cases. The answer was – sure, she’d made them before and she thought she could again. When the project arrived, it was actually covers for old cushions to freshen them up. That’s when the project came my way.


I think the first two (of four total) turned out not too bad and I’m considering them a dry run for the first of the Grandma quilts. The pattern is from Lori Holt’s Great Granny Squared book and it’s really easy to follow – I think I read somewhere that she also has an updated book with strip piecing instructions, but I used the original and it wasn’t bad.

And it’s Friday, so linking up with Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts.


Happy Spring Friday!


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Little Grey Owl Hat

Finished (at last) is the little grey owl hat!


I actually finished this cute hat, another owl lover item, by last Friday – but in a fit of post-travel laziness, it’s taken all week to sew on the buttons for eyes and tuck in the (two!) yarn ends. I tried for another angle of the hat with a selfie, but between bad hair, bad camera technique and rushing to steal a few moments for a pic while babysitting the Grandchildren, it turns out that this single photo will have to do.

The pattern was a free download from Julie is Coco and Cocoa that Sister #1 was kind enough to point me in the direction of, but I must have gotten lucky on a limited time offer because when I went back to the site for the link, the free download doesn’t seem to be there anymore. The pattern is still available at a very reasonable price if you were interested in this very cute hat and I can tell you it is quick and easy to knit (despite how long it seems to have taken me to finish it!).

Linking up with Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts!

Happy Friday!


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More WIPs…

I seem to have gotten away from my cadence of Friday evening posts – alas, with work and travel, it may be one more week before I can get back on track.

I hope to complete the little grey hat while on the road this week, but in the meantime, I share these Great Granny blocks that are in progress for a cushion project (and also a test run for the first Grandma Project quilt).


And here are three little ATQs (which I know you have seen before) now ready for The Husband to deliver while I’m away this week.


And apparently one of the labels is upside down (sigh!). I think it will have to go as is – it’s too late to worry about it now so I’ll have to hope the Alzheimer Society forgives me this time.

Hope you have a great week!


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Back from Travels…

IMG_0683 (1)


More on this mess soon….

Happy week!


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Another ATQ

Is all that I accomplished this week…


But sometimes even a little progress is enough:).

Happy Friday!


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Black and White Bento Box Finish

The black and white (and purple!) Bento Box quilt is finally finished (aka Monstro!). You can find the original inspiration and instructions for the block here (still can’t believe the difference the colour choice made – you’ll know what I mean if you check out the original).


This is probably the largest quilt that I have ever attempted – it doesn’t look like it here because it’s stretched out on a double mattress for the photo, but this quilt is intended for a king sized bed.

The back is pieced as usual.


I’ll try to get outside first thing in the morning to grab a couple of daylight shots to show it off a little better and to give you some sense of just how large it really is. In the meantime,  here’s the top taking up the entire floor of my dining room as I tried to pin it for quilting.


Here’s hoping the intended recipient likes it – if not, there have been several expressions of interest around here already:).

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Happy Friday!


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