First finish of 2013…

…and it is neither a quilt nor a sewing room project, but a finish none-the-less. The yarn, I’m embarrassed to admit, was sitting in the sewing room, left from another abandoned project that never really got off the ground. So perhaps this is a sewing room project after all since the yarn is no longer taking up space there :).


I’m a reluctant crotcheter, but this blanket was made using the Granny Stripe instructions from Attic 24 – a great site if you crotchet! The edge is one I learned from a pattern called the “Lizard Ridge Afghan” – a round of single crotchet all the way around and then alternating a single crotchet, skip two, six double crotchets in the next stitch, skip two, etc. with nine double crotchets in the corners to turn. The yarn is Bernat Satin and 100% acrylic and nice and soft – unfortunately I have no idea what quantity I used because I just started crocheting stripes and kept going until I had used most of the yarn up. Here’s another view:


I think the only thing I would change is the edging – while I’m happy with the over all effect, the round of single crotchet in orange along the edge before the scallop looks a little odd to me (but not enough to rip it all out and have another go!). If I were to make another blanket like this one (a distinct possibility since I’m happy with the results), I would do the whole edge in a single colour.

This blanket will be on it’s way to Saskatchewan in the near future…

It’s cold out there!


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