The Dog – aka Kujo, the Hellhound, and various other monikers of dubious affection…


Oh sure – she looks cute enough, but don’t let that fool you. She has been known to kill pillows in a single bound, blast through a bathroom door like a speeding locomotive and Harry Houdini a newly finished afghan into her crate from at least four feet away (no joke!).

So here’s the first pillow to be repaired:


I believe that pillows must resemble small prey as it seems that a good shake to the corner is what is called for once the offending cushion has been hunted down and captured. Note the ripped material (from said corner) and the missing stuffing – that’ll teach it. I never did like that white piping around the outside, but I wouldn’t have killed the pillow to replace it.

Here it is now:


This paper-pieced flying geese pattern was popular a couple of years ago (remember the mug rug craze?). You can find the tutorial for the block at the Sometimes Crafter‘s blog.

Pillows must follow the rule of shoes – the outside edge looks best when it’s the same shade or darker than the darkest colour in the design. True, this pink ruffle isn’t the darkest shade, but it does look better than the white that was there before.

Maybe The Dog was just offended by the design choice?


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