T-shirt Recycle

Well, here is what I did with that tie-dyed t-shirt that my son was no longer wearing.


The little one will be cute as a button in this outfit, I think :).

Although fairly straightforward, the tank was not quite as easy to make as I thought it would be. What went well – the tank is small and fast to sew. The pattern (from Spoonflower – you can find it here) is well written and easy to follow – the diaper cover pattern is linked from the tank tutorial. I also tried French seams for the first time and I find that they are really easy and I like the result a lot!

What didn’t go as smoothly – because I was recycling a well worn t-shirt, the material was perhaps a little more delicate than something new. I found it a little difficult to get the right combination of placement and topstitching for the binding on the front neck of the tank at first and had to remove it a couple of times to adjust. This fiddling resulted in some small wear marks along my sewing line – little holes from stitching that may or may not result in larger holes with time. And because I was trying to avoid existing holes and wear on the t-shirt, I had to put a seam down the centre rear of the diaper cover so that I could get enough material to make it.

But in the end, since I was reusing and little ones have a tendency to grow really quickly, I decided it wasn’t worth worrying about. If the intended recipient wears this outfit even a couple of times, the t-shirt ended up with more life that it would have otherwise.

Last but not least, the t-shirt quilt! If I get the quilt done in the next few days, you will see it here. If not, we are on vacation for a bit and it will have to wait until after my return.

Happy May!


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