Another Finish…

Two weeks in a row!

This is the previously unfinished Ruby, Pearl and Opal quilt top that I showed here. I love the colours because they make me think of lemonade and rainbow sherbet (I think that’s a great name for this quilt – Rainbow Sherbet).


And here’s the back:


I had an “aha!” moment when quilting this one – I have often used the masking/painter’s tape trick to guide the diagonal lines while quilting, but I always struggle with long pieces of sticky tape folding back on itself or getting not-so-sticky after a couple of rows and not lining up properly leading to a lot of adjustment. It occurred to me this time, if I’m going to constantly adjust the tape anyway, why not use a two foot long piece of tape and just move it along the length of the quilt as I’m sewing? Of course, it takes one long piece in the centre to get started, but after that the short pieces worked great! And I think that my lines were straighter as a result (or maybe that’s just my perception because I was so pleased with the way things were working :)).

Now if I could just figure out the pinning thing – love the straight pins for ease of putting the layers together, but my hands always look like they’ve been ravaged by a rabid chipmunk by the time I’m done…. Safety pins are definitely not as convenient and don’t even get me started on the adhesive spray – wrestling with bed sized pieces of material and batting while coated with sticky stuff might work for some quilters, but I just don’t seem to be one of them!

Linking up with Finish it up Friday over on Crazy Mom Quilts again.


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3 Responses to Another Finish…

  1. I use safety pins when I baste ….but I tape down my bottom layer with masking tape … to keep it taunt. It really helps me!

  2. I really love the colours too, it looks fantastic, well done!

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