In the mail…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted – I’ve been to San Jose for a conference, watched a fence go up in my backyard to keep The Dog and her friend in and have just generally been keeping myself busy.


The patio of the Sonoma Chicken Coop in San Jose :). Delicious food, great environment – who could ask for more?

So, busy! But when I read last week about the quilt block drive to make quilts for those affected by the flooding in Calgary, I felt I had contribute at least a few blocks.


These are my slab blocks – one each of pink, green, blue, yellow and purple – now in the mail on their way to Calgary. I hope they will make someone smile. If you’d like more details on contributing, you can find them here.

One advantage of creating the blocks was that in order to find enough strips of each colour, I had to sort through a lot of the scraps hanging around the house. This activity forced me to do a little organization – which is bound to help with the sewing room project!


The company I work for provides treats, which I appreciate but try not to indulge in myself since I really don’t need the extra calories. But my co-workers have a fondness for Twizzlers so luckily, even if I don’t eat the licorice, I get to take the empty containers home to hold scraps!

Now, back to finishing up this project.


More to come on this one soon!


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