This must be what they refer to as the lazy, hazy days of summer – it was so hot here this past week that quilts were the last thing on my mind. So glad that it’s finally cooled down a little!

So it’s time to get back to work and what better way than to finish up this crazy quilt project?


This quilt began as a discussion between my sister and I when she first moved back to our region after living all over Canada (and the world :)). I was telling her that while I loved the look of crazy quilts and I didn’t mind doing the sewing, I really didn’t think all that embroidery was for me. She commented that she didn’t mind the embroidery but wouldn’t want to sit and sew long enough to make one. Of course, craziness (times 2) followed!


Turns out, though, that she doesn’t much like doing hand embroidery either and a new sewing machine was needed to complete the embroidery on this quilt. I think they both turned out great – the one pictured here is mine and hers is already complete. I will try to snag a pic of hers once mine has been finished as well. More craziness is planned for the back (soon to be revealed) and I am going to tie my version, because the family has been told (firmly!) that it will be for display purposes only.

And after this one….


Even more craziness (aka the grampa project…).


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