The Grandpa Project – Tilley Quilt

About a year ago (August 4, 2012), my father-in-law passed away at 85 years of age from complications due to Parkinson’s disease. He was a very nice man, who enjoyed his grandchildren very much, even when they called him “Grumps” instead of “Gramps” and tried to eat all of the biscuits at Sunday dinner (you know who I’m talking about, JG!). I thought that it would be great if all six of his grandchildren could have a quilt made from his shirts or other clothing as a memento of their grandfather, with Grandma’s permission of course, and so the Grandpa Project was born.

This first quilt is simply made from 6 inch squares cut from his beige Tilley pants and multi-coloured seersucker (did I spell that right?) shirts. How many pairs of beige pants can one little old man have? Lots as it turns out – a whole quilt-ful of them!


I completed stitching the binding down long after sun down, but here’s an outside photo of the front with binding attached but not stitched down.


And here’s the back (after sun down again :)). Don’t pay too much attention to that really ugly print at the bottom (unearthed from the “what was I thinking?” pile) – I had a good sized chunk of it just right for a pieced back :).


My (discrete?) signature on the back :).


And I have to include one more in progress photo – I will have to watch my little helper carefully or we’ll end up with paws stitched into a project sometime. If I’d been a little faster with the camera, I would have caught her playing with the tape on the needle plate!


Were it not so late, I would also scan and include a photo of Grandpa wearing his Tilley pants and seersucker shirts. I will try to do that over the weekend and edit to include a photo :).

And since it’s still (technically) Friday, I’m linking up with Finish it up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts.

Also linking up with Quilts with Stories over at ModaBakeShop.



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2 Responses to The Grandpa Project – Tilley Quilt

  1. Logan says:

    What a thoughtful gift for all the grandkids. That will be so special!

  2. Bonny says:

    My daughter made a quilt for her Grandmother in law from her Grandfather in law’s shirts after he passed away – it brought such joy to her… what a nice thing to do for the grandchildren 🙂

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