Crazy Finish!

The crazy quilt is done! I talked about how it all started here, but here are some photos of the finished quilt.


I really like this quilt – I smile every time I look at it. It’s part scrapbook with fabrics I’ve collected over the years and part diversion from the normal sort of quilts that I tend to work on. There are blocks with humour (can you see the little embroidered dogs running along the seam in this block of cats? And the cats peeking out from behind the cat button?).


There are pretty blocks (love daisies!).


There are blocks with lace and buttons embellishing them.


And blocks where the fabric speaks for itself.


And with all of that craziness going on, it might come as a surprise that it’s the craziness on the back that I love the most!


The red embroidered fabric (will try to get a better photo) is from a silk/rayon robe that was given to me by my father as a Christmas gift almost 30 years ago now – not sure which year exactly but as he passed away 22 years ago, it must be close to that.

Edited to add better picture of the red silk/rayon on the back and some of the block pics above:


My older sister received the same robe in black, and my younger sister in white (there has been debate over the years as to whether he meant something by these choices, but I’m pretty sure that he just needed three gifts that were kind of the same, but kind of different). As he was living in Toronto at the time, my guess is that he found the robes in Chinatown, but I have no way to know for sure at this point. Someone (you know who you are!) has been telling me for years that I should donate the robe – I don’t really wear them and never have – rather than hang onto something I’m not using. Now I have the satisfaction of using the robe and maybe passing along one of the few things I still have that my father gave to me to my children.

I chose to tie my quilt because most of the crazy quilts I’ve seen over the years have been tied and not quilted. My sister finished hers a little differently by having a local long arm quilter quilt the sashings and borders. It’s also beautiful and I will add a picture shortly so you can see both quilts (I know, I know! I owe a few photos now and I will catch up shortly – promise!).

Here’s my sister’s version as promised (thanks for sending the photo, sis!)!


And because it’s Friday and I’m finished, I’m linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday!

Very happy with this finish!


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One Response to Crazy Finish!

  1. margiestitcher says:

    love the crazy quilt, I am taking part in the CQJP challenge at the moment but do not think my blocks will be good enough for a quilt, however it is a good learning curve for me being quite new to patchwork

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