The Grandpa Project II – Grandpa-2-a-T Quilt

It’s taken a little longer than I had planned, but between a drive to Frankenmuth, MI over the long weekend and a last minute trip to Florida for work earlier this week, the second quilt of the Grandpa project is finally complete (you can find the first quilt here)!


I’m told these are all of the t-shirts that Grandpa owned (I’m not completely convinced as there are a couple there that I’m sure I never saw him wear :)). Never-the-less, I’ve taken Grandma’s word for it, as she should know, and they have all been gathered together here in this quilt.

This is the second time that I’ve decided not to rush things to complete a quilt before we left on a trip (see my daughter’s t-shirt quilt from earlier this summer) and the second time that the decision to finish on my return has been rewarded with a great find for the back.


That blue at the top is from the Old Woolen Mill in Frankenmuth, which despite what you might think from it’s name, has a great little quilt section where I found a scrap bag for a mere $5. Score!! Along with that fairly large piece of blue, there were also several strips of scraps which are sure to show up in future projects.

And here is Grandpa wearing the t-shirt featured in the upper right corner of the quilt – coincidentally the only one you can’t really see in the picture of the quilt above (hmmmm…).


BTW – my helper today is Lily, my son and A-DIL-M’s dog (Lily thinks she lives here with The Dog and her friend).

Linking up to Finish it up Friday again because with my (self-imposed) deadline of Thanksgiving (Canadian) to finish all six quilts (tops at least), I’m not sure I’ll have another finish for a bit – but I will continue keep you posted on the Grandpa Project with some WIP pics along the way.

Talk soon!


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