Slowly but surely…

…the Grandpa project continues. Lots of cutting up shirts and pants this week to produce these lovely 6-inch blocks ready to be sewn into the next quilt top.


Hopefully, by the end of the weekend (or early next week) another Grandpa quilt top will be finished and ready to add to the choices available for the grandchildren to choose from. Time is ticking away though and a mere 4 weeks remain before the Thanksgiving weekend (yikes!). Must – sew – faster!!

Also unearthed during the round of sorting scraps into bins earlier this summer were these bricks, all pre-cut and ready for something fabulous! I’m pretty sure that I had in mind a Stacked Bricks quilt at one time, but since that hasn’t happened, I think I will put these guys to good use in something else – maybe in time for a long weekend tutorial if I can fit it into the schedule among finishing up the Grandpa quilts (and if not, maybe shortly after the long weekend :)).


No finish this week, but definitely still making progress.

Happy Friday!


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