Too much?

Here’s the latest Grandpa quilt top – number 5!


When I was deciding on the size of squares to cut the sweaters into, it seemed that 9 inches was a good choice based on the number of sweaters I had and the number of blocks I could get. What I failed to take into account was that once I added the sashing strips, this was going to be one big quilt! Someone with a very big bed will likely appreciate this one :).

I debated the choice of the green polka dot for the sashing but in the end, I think that it was a nice compliment to the sweaters. The other possibilities were to go out and buy a navy solid or to use a turquoise solid that I already owned. It’s surprising to see how much green was in those sweaters once the green sashing is in place to bring out the colour!

What’s not a surprise anymore, is how much is leftover even after the enormous sized quilt top is done!


I still have sleeves and I’ve saved the fronts of cardigans (5 of them!) to use with another project(s) I have an idea for – Grandpa’s pants/shirts/sweaters seem to be the gift that keeps on giving.

One more before Monday? Back to the sewing machine….

Happy long weekend!


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