So much work!


But so worth the effort! I feel sort of like I’ve been working on this one forever between the cutting, piecing and squaring up of the blocks and then the construction of the quilt top itself. It’s likely more that this one is a little more intricate than the other Grandpa quilts that I’ve made – it’s certainly very striking now that it’s done. I tried to stick mainly to his blue, cotton shirts for this one, but you will see that some brown and green slipped in, and that reddish/blue shirt is a flannel – all in the interest of finding enough fabric to complete the quilt top.

The pattern is from Bonnie Hunter’s book “Scraps & Shirttails II” which I ordered from her website specifically for the Grandpa project. And if you’ve never visited her site, Quiltville, it’s well worth a look. She has generously posted many free patterns, several of which are on my quilt wish-list.

The weather is pretty dismal today here in Whoville, Ontario making it difficult to get a good picture. I will try for better on finish!


Happy Halloween!


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2 Responses to So much work!

  1. Margaret says:

    love the colours in this so bright and cheerful. Met up with my brother yesterday who has just come back to the UK to live after being a head teacher out in Kuwait for over 25 years and he has a stack of cotton shirts and silk ties he no longer requires, I certainly offered them a home!

    • Lois G. says:

      Definitely worth the effort :). I’m still looking for my father-in-law’s ties and hope to put them into a quilt (or two) when they are located – he had tons of ties from over 50 years in business!

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