Two finishes!

Well, almost two finishes!


The empty thread spool is hiding the two inches of binding that didn’t get sewn down because I ran out of thread! I will have to search around to see if I can find some more green thread somewhere – and failing that, I can always count on my mom’s thread stash :). Never-the-less, this hotpad is close enough to being done that I’m including it here as a finish.

The pattern can be found at ModaBakeShop – and since I intend every year to make some Christmas-y things to decorate for the season and never quite get around to actually doing so, the fact that this little hotpad is finished now is a bonus!

Second finish….


And I suppose I will have to stop saying that I don’t crotchet as this is the third blanket finish this year. As always, Attic24 is my go-to resource for all things crotchet, including the granny stripe instructions. This blanket will be included in my grandson’s Christmas package along with the traditional pj’s from Gran :). The question is – how fast can I crotchet and will there be time to finish one more blanket for his sister before Christmas? Along with everything else that I plan to sew…. hmmmm…..


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One Response to Two finishes!

  1. Margaret says:

    lovely hot pad, what rotten luck running out of the thread so near the end. Your grandson will keep snug and warm in the blanket, I will have to get mine out soon for wrapping round my knees now the cold weather is knocking on the door!

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