Hello Kitty!

And welcome to my quillow!


Or rather, welcome to my niece’s quillow as this is the first Christmas sewing finish of the 2013 gift giving season :). If you’ve never made a quillow before, they are pretty easy to make – I used to have a pattern, but these days I just sew them from memory and I’m sure there are lots of tutorials out there in the virtual world. Above the quillow is folded away into it’s pocket; here is the front:


And the back:


The pocket on the back is where the little Hello Kitty decal has been sewn on. With upwards of 29 people in our extended family (my side only) and 11 in our immediate family, it was great when we decided to exchange names a few years back – otherwise, the gift giving would be prohibitively expensive and, after all, that’s not what the season is about anyway!

The Hello Kitty fabric was a find at Joann’s two weekends ago when my sister and I, along with two friends, went on our annual shopping trip to Erie, PA. This is always a great trip – but unfortunately, there was no quilt batting to be had on sale as the sale started one week later (disappointing!).

And speaking of disappointing, take a look at these pictures that I am “trying” to hang in our dining room (to remind me that this is a dining room and NOT a sewing room :)).


So the saga goes, my son picked up these Odby frames for me from Ikea about a year ago. They sat around for many months while I decided what I wanted to put in them. Finally, I visited the New York Public Library’s Digital Collection and chose three pretty rose prints (there is a pink one in addition to the white and yellow you see in the photo). I printed the pictures on card stock with our home ink jet printer (they actually turned out quite nice) and then the frames sat again waiting for me to find time to put them on the wall. Then my husband dropped something on one, breaking the glass – and they sat again waiting for me to get around to replacing it!

I finally got the glass from a local framing shop last week for about $10, but these frames are not as easy to hang as you would think – they use a little hanger that is about a quarter inch in diameter that you need to slip over the nail/screw head on the wall. The hanger/back of the frame is recessed as well making it even harder to line up. So – I had two on the wall and was trying to hang the third when, believe it or not, I broke the glass again! Now they will wait until I replace the glass a second time (thank heavens it isn’t too expensive!) – but I did get out to our local hardware store at noon today to find some cloth adhesive hangers to put on the back of the frames instead.

And these pictures will have to come off of the wall at some point so that I can paint because that wall is pretty grey! When we moved here almost three years ago, the people selling the house had painted everything a nice, neutral grey which was great for staging. But for living, grey walls are pretty, well – grey!

Hope you all have better luck hanging pictures than I do – this is probably why it takes us years to decorate our walls with art.

Happy Tuesday!


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One Response to Hello Kitty!

  1. Margaret says:

    quillow is very nice, someone is going to be thrilled on 25th dec. You are certainly persevering in hanging your rose pictures, bet of luck ext time and then you will have 3 in a row

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