And Another Professional Bag….

This one is for my niece – also a Christmas present. Not sure about the fabric choice – or even the choice of a bag for her. I like it and I’m hoping she does too. She’s young and working at her first job, so a professional bag makes sense but she’s young….

Here’s the bag (again – too late to get nice pictures outside but I think you get the gist).


And here’s the inside:


You might be getting the idea that I like polka dots by now – and you’d be right :).

And with this finish, I can rest easy knowing that Christmas Eve I will be relaxing with a glass of egg nog, singing along with Bing and Danny to White Christmas rather than sewing like mad to get everything done! Ghosts of Christmas past? C’mon, admit it – you’ve done it too :)!

I might try to make new stockings but I’m not terribly concerned if I don’t get to it at this point since the old ones are still functional – new ones would definitely be prettier though. And then it will be back to the Grandpa project!

And again, since it’s still Friday (all right – it is technically Saturday now, but still…) linking up to Finish it up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts.


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2 Responses to And Another Professional Bag….

  1. Margaret says:

    I would be delighted with the bag as I am sure your niece will.

  2. Kristin says:

    Polka dots are pretty amazing as well as your bag! Your niece is going to love it for sure. Good luck with the other projects.

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