One more finish for 2013!

And just in the nick of time :). Again I’ll have to apologize for the indoor photos – it’s a problem at this time of year when it gets dark so early (at least that’s my story – or maybe I’ll have to admit that at 10pm EST it’s dark no matter the time of year and try harder to finish things a little earlier in the day!).


I’ve been referring to this one as Grandpa Blue and Grey (with a little brown and green thrown in for good measure) but I think now that it’s complete I’ll have to revise that name to Grandpa in Flannels just because it seems to suit better (btw – A-DIL-M insists that all of these quilts must have names as it’s the proper thing to do :)). The flannels in this quilt come from Grandpa’s shirts and pyjamas, the blue and grey blocks are from his cargo pants (remember all the khaki ones?). Here’s the back:


This quilt was chosen by youngest son JG – he likes the colours and size (it’s enormous!). Here’s a close up of the binding – I’m pretty pleased with it!


I often go to polka dots for bindings because they go with everything (and I like them!). This time I opted for a stripe and I think that it really works well with all of the different colours and plaids in this quilt. And here’s the Dog’s friend testing it for my son:


His dog, too (but still living with us even though he isn’t btw) and getting old – she is affectionately known as “B” these days courtesy the grand daughter, short for Beamer (yes, the son liked BMWs but this is likely the only one he’ll ever own :)).

The son arrived here from SK just in time for the massive ice storm that we had a week ago. So here’s what it looked like in Southern Ontario last week, the Sunday before Christmas (or at least my backyard):


Some folks still don’t have their power back – we were definitely among the lucky ones because although we didn’t have power for most of the day, it was restored by the time it got dark. Even a couple of days later on Christmas Eve, the ice still coated everything. While I know it’s damaging for the trees, it was really beautiful and made it seem like the landscape was made of glass, glittering in the sunlight. This photo is from just around the corner from our house where a natural area has been preserved in our neighbourhood.


So that’s it for 2013 – I will try to do a bit of a retrospective later on this week, but in the meantime, hoping you all had a fantastic holiday season and that 2014 brings happiness and prosperity!

Happy New Year!


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