First Finish of 2014!

Well, the weeks take on a familiar pattern – over the weekend I pick out a Grandpa quilt top, waiting to be finished, put together a back for it and pin the layers together ready for quilting; machine quilt through the week (except for Tuesday which is normally yoga night when the class isn’t cancelled because of close to record breaking cold temperatures here in Canada’s hinterland – yet, as I type this, I’m listening to the pitter-patter of rain drops because we’re above freezing again! Global warming, anyone?); and, Friday evening I hand-stitch the binding down so that I can finish in time to link up to Finish it up Friday!

And that’s exactly how this week (and likely the next couple of weeks, too!) has gone. But first, a very quick retrospective of 2013 :).

I started tracking my quilting here about a year ago (first post January 6, 2013) with the thought that I would like to share with the quilting community and spur on some sewing room organization. Well, the sewing room is still in progress, but I really think that I’ve had a much more productive quilting year because of this blog.

Here’s a list of what I’ve accomplished:

A grand total of 40 posts – not every week, but pretty close and better that I thought I could manage between work and family commitments :).
Six Grandpa quilts – three completely finished and three just the top.
Four afghan finishes – three granny stripes and one ripple.
Three professional bags.
Three pillow repairs.
Two tutorials.
One T-shirt quilt.
One crazy quilt.
One rainbow sherbet quilt.
One quillow.
One baby quilt.
One little bear.
One quilt commissioned by A-DIL-M.
And a few various smaller projects.

Wow! I think that’s a lot! Looking at the quilts alone, that’s a total of 8 finished quilts this year.

So what about 2014? Here are a few things I’d like to accomplish this year:

Post every week – even if it’s just to share my WIPs.
Create at least another two tutorials to share.
Keep the momentum going and complete at least another 8 quilts in 2014.
And, get that sewing room organized! But to be honest, I have been working on it and should have something to show you in the coming weeks :).

And now, with the help of The Dog, here is the first finish of 2014 – On the Porch with Grandpa!


This one is from a pattern called Sheila’s Porch in “String Quilt Revival” by Virginia Baker & Barbara Sanders as I mentioned when I showed off the top here. This quilt was chosen by son P and A-DIL-M so on the back there are some awesome little owls (A-DIL-M likes owls :)).


The owls look a little bit like colourful blobs in this photo, so here’s a close-up :).


If you’re still keeping track, this is Grandpa Quilt finish number four – all of the Grandchildren have chosen their quilt at this point and I would still like to finish two more quilts from what is left of the shirts/sweaters for my husband and brother-in-law. That should just about use up every bit of material and I still think it’s incredible that the shirts/sweaters/pants stretched that far (no pun intended!).

And, still technically Friday! So linking up to Finish it up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts :).

Happy New Year!


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2 Responses to First Finish of 2014!

  1. Margaret says:

    this is lovely and the backing fabric is great too

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