Grandpa Home Stretch…


No finish this week… I was hoping to at least have the second last Grandpa quilt top finished, but it didn’t work out. I’m close, though, and might have the top done by the end of the weekend and ready to quilt and, with any luck, I’ll have it finished by next Friday!


When the grandchildren made their choices back around Thanksgiving (Canadian) from the quilts and quilt tops available, Nephew J chose the Grandpa’s sweaters quilt top. Unfortunately, I think what he really wanted, was the Grandpa-2-a-T quilt, but because the choices were done from youngest to oldest (because last time we did something like this it was oldest to youngest), his younger brother got first dibs on that quilt.

I assured Nephew J that there was at least one of Grandpa’s Ts left and I would add it to the back of another quilt for him so his second choice was the Tilley quilt. Sadly this was the only quilt he could have chosen that I couldn’t add the T to because it was already complete.

Since I was making two more tops anyway (for my husband and brother-in-law) a new choice became available – Grandpa quilt top number 7 – which, although not a complete quilt top just yet, will incorporate the things he liked about Grandpa-2-a-T (the Ts he remembers Grandpa wearing) and the things he liked about the Tilley quilt (the seersucker shirts). Nephew J seems to be happy with this alternative and all of the other kids are content with their original choices.

So, one more quilt top to construct after this one (another string quilt) and then three tops to finish and we’ll end up with a Grand(pa) total of 8 quilts which should equal 2 children and 6 grandchildren all happy with their Grandpa quilts (at least that’s the plan :)).

The hardest part now that we’re in the home stretch, is not getting distracted by other projects! These blocks are calling my name:


More on those later. And what about a few Grandpa leftovers?


And a quick break to sew a little baby quilt for a co-worker about to leave on maternity leave!

So many projects, so little time…

Enjoy your Friday!


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