A Slow Week…

It’s been a very slow week here quilt-wise. It could be the weather (snow, cold, blowing snow and more snow!) or it could just be that I’ve been tired and uninspired (possibly due to the weather!). Here’s what it looks like around here these days:


That bench is buried almost up to the seat! I’m sure there are locations that have more snow than we do, but I haven’t seen this much snow around here in years. In fact, this winter has reminded me of the winters we had in Southern Ontario when I was a kid – and we lived in what was called the “snow belt.”

I did manage to get a start on this little project:


It’s meant to be a lap quilt for Grandma (her 91st birthday is this Sunday) and hopefully it will done in time for her birthday. The 4 1/2-inch squares were cut from the leftover sleeves of Grandpa’s sweaters (see the big quilt here). When finished, the lap quilt should measure approximately 36 inches square (8 x 8 squares), which should be just about perfect for warming Grandma’s legs when she’s sitting in her wheelchair.

[Aside – my husband is spending a lot of time with Grandma these days. One of the advantages of this arrangement is that the assisted living home where she lives has many speakers and educational programs for the residents that he gets to view as well. This past week, a geriatric specialist was giving a talk on dementia (I can’t remember if he told me this person was a nurse or doctor, but a medical professional of some sort – hmmm… now I’m thinking maybe I should be worried?). But, during the talk, he tells me the speaker mentioned that women who sew are much, much less likely to develop dementia because of the cognitive processing and spatial reasoning skills required – as if we needed another justification to spend more time sewing!!! Honestly, I’m surprised he mentioned this information at all :).]

As you can see from the picture above, The Dog allows me to use the top of her crate as a place to lay out blocks and rows as I sew things together. In return, one thing that I did actually finish this week was a new crate “quilt” for The Dog.


The instructions can be found in the book “Quilting for Peace” by Katherine Bell (I found the book at our local library). One problem with The Dog is that she suffers from some anxiety and as a result she shreds just about anything soft that goes into her crate with her. Or at least I think it’s caused by anxiety – maybe she just likes to annoy me (recall the pillow repairs here, here and here?). Just over a year ago, she managed to rip apart a dog bed that we bought at our local discount department store (on sale thankfully) so that it looked like it had snowed in there when I returned from work (sorry – this next photo was taken by my husband with his BlackBerry so that he could send me a preview – and, of course, I was delighted to see it – so the quality isn’t great but the visual too good not to share).


The newest dog “quilt” is constructed from upholstery material leftover from an ottoman recovering project, with two very worn old towels inside as stuffing. If The Dog decides to chew this bedding up, I won’t be too upset as all it will have cost me is the hour I spent sewing the layers together :). But so far, it seems that she is happy to just lie on it.

Happy winter weekend out there!


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