February Blahs….

The weather is still awful here this week – within the last 24 hours we’ve had snow, sleet and rain. Now the wind is gusting and we’re due for more snow as the temperatures plunge back below the freezing mark. I have a raging head cold – yeh! And apparently, after many years of practice tying my own shoes, my fingers can’t tie embroidery floss as quickly as I expect them to – so no lovin’ in the Grandpa finish department this week…


Never-the-less, I’m working my way through and I should have something to show by next week! In the meantime, here’s a better picture of the Contact Print pillow (tutorial on CrazyMomQuilts) that was hiding behind the Upcycled Tuxedo Pillow from last time.


The beige solid in the background was leftover from an earlier Grandpa quilt. And here’s the same treatment as the Tuxedo pillow on the back.


This idea still makes me chuckle (though, that might just be the NyQuil!).

So until my nose stops running, I’ll probably just keep knitting these socks for I-DIL-T (which I’m embarrassed to say I’ve been working on since the Christmas holidays) while watching old movies on TV and drinking lots of herbal tea (sigh).


So looking forward to spring…


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One Response to February Blahs….

  1. Margaret says:

    do hope you are feeling better soon. Good variety of pillows, most unusual backs.

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