Grandpa’s Cardigans

Well, the weather’s not much better, but I’m over my cold (thanks for the “get better” wishes!) and it’s been a productive week. I may not be tying as quickly as I had hoped (maybe because I “over-tied”? Then again, it’s pretty heavy so maybe not…) but the latest of the Grandpa quilts is finished. But first …

Oh QAL, I have not forgotten about you :).


Here is my February Amethist block (c’mon, it’s still February!) – I had hoped to find a fabric that I know is buried deep in the stash somewhere. It was from years ago and was a grey print with a little bit of pink and peach mixed in. If there is anything left of this fabric at this point it’s not much, but with pink sashing to pick up the pink and contrast with the grey, I had the idea that it would be very sharp.

Finally, I decided to adjust the plan and go with the multicoloured print and green solid – because green is a definitely a favourite of mine and the selection wide and varied (anyone remember the Colours personality types? Yep – I’m a Green). We’ll have to see what other blocks bring in the coming months – I may have to go back and add green to the January block :).

And now the Grandpa’s Cardigans quilt. Here’s the front:


Okay – they weren’t all cardigans, but I still think it’s the best name for this quilt. And on the back….


Ta da!

It was my husband’s idea to include that apron somewhere amongst the quilts since Grandpa wore it at every family dinner occasion. It was a little tricky to work it into the back in a way that made sense, but I think it looks pretty good. The watermelon print at the top reminds me of summers in Grandma and Grandpa’s back yard – they had a pool and Grandpa would barbeque while the kids swam, then get in line with the kids to see who could spit watermelon seeds the farthest. I wish I could say there was some significance to the farm print at the bottom too, but at this point, I’ve needed a lot of fabric and that one was the right colour and on sale so, you know….

With this finish, that makes seven Grandpa quilts done (and one to go)! So I’m linking up to Finish it up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts.

Also linking my February block to the Modern Meets Vintage Quilt Along over on Sew at Home Mummy (it’s not too late to jump in :)).


Things are really starting to pile up around here :).


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4 Responses to Grandpa’s Cardigans

  1. What a clever idea to put his apron on the back! I think it looks fabulous!!

    Your block looks awesome!

  2. Absolutely awesome!!! Totally in love with the fabrics 🙂

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