And More Sweaters…

First though, finished socks for DIL-T – finally!


They were meant to be Christmas socks, but apparently I’m consumed by Grandpa quilts. The pink(ish) socks were to go along with the blue ones that I knit for son J (and he did receive his at Christmas – I was just a little slower with the second pair for the DIL).


Being consumed by Grandpa quilts is not necessarily a bad thing – one more and I will have completed my total goal of eight. I’ll be getting to work on the last one over the weekend – I just felt the need for a little break this week because I’m getting a little tired of them – hope you don’t feel the same! As I mentioned before, Grandpa’s clothes are the gift that keeps on giving.


And giving! Yes – this little lap quilt is made from more 4 1/2-inch squares cut from the sleeves of Grandpa’s sweaters, just like the little lap quilt that I made for Grandma’s birthday (and word is that it’s quite the conversation starter over at the retirement residence). But, at 44 inches square, this one is a little bigger because I’m not in a wheelchair – yet…


The back is beige baby-lamb fleece – soft and cozy! With all the leftover sweater bits, I thought I could treat myself to a little gift from Grandpa as well. It will live on the back of my chair to keep me warm. And is it warm!


I can practically guarantee you the weather will now improve and there will be no need for this toasty little sweater for my lap :).

And speaking of breaks, no link up to Crazy Mom Quilts today in spite of the finishes as Amanda Jean has posted that she is taking a March break. She is such an inspirational and generous blogger, I think no one deserves a holiday more – so I hope she enjoys it!

Happy Friday!


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