A Week of New Beginnings

…but sadly no finishes :).

Never-the-less, you have to start somewhere to get where you’re going – so here’s where I started this week with Grandpa Quilt #8.


This box contains all of the scraps leftover from the seven (!) previous Grandpa Quilts – or rather, most of them since I hate to admit there might be a few scraps stuck in another small box downstairs. The plan is to use as many of the scraps as possible to create another string quilt. Any material left after this one that can be cut into 6 1/2-inch squares will be made into lap quilts for donation to our local Alzheimer Society.

The first ten blocks of the next (and final) Grandpa Quilt:


The blue wedge in the centre was cut from four pairs of pants of the same colour – more than enough for 120 blocks! For some reason, every time I start one of the Grandpa Quilts, I worry that there won’t be enough material to complete the quilt – I should have learned by now that there is more material from Grandpa’s quilts than I can possibly use up.

I also began this knitted afghan for daughter E. this week. It’s been a while since I’ve done any knitting and with four completed crotchet projects under my belt last year, I felt like it was time to pick up the needles again.


The yarn is Patons Decor and I really like knitting with it. Previous results have been warm and comfortable, and I’ve had no problem washing blankets repeatedly (required with the amount of dog hair floating around here). You can see that I’m not very far along, but since I’m mostly knitting on my lunch hour, this one might take a while. Typically, I don’t even complete an entire row in the half hour or so between eating and heading back to the desk.

Last but not least, not quite started but in the planning stage, a little hat for Grandson L. using this tutorial from over at Delia Creates.


The leftover beige baby lamb fleece for the inside is a no brainer – but the debate is whether to upcycle the light blue t-shirt for the outside of the hat, or to use the black and white flannel check. I haven’t made a decision yet, but I’m leaning toward the blue. It’s his birthday at the end of March and he’ll be too cute in a little lumberjack/aviator hat.

Hope you all had a great week!


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