Welcome Spring!

And not a moment too soon!

Wait – what’s that you say? More snow tomorrow? Noooooo! (Insert image of Edvard Munch’s The Scream here – I would, were it not for copyright considerations!).

Still, I suppose the continued cool temperatures will give Grandson L a chance to enjoy this too cute hat.


The “model” happens to be one of those Tupperware shape-sorter balls that is still hanging around the house for grandkids to play with. I’ve never met a toddler that didn’t love this thing – even with it’s cracked side and chewed shapes (apparently The Dog is also a toddler and loves this toy as well). Here’s the hat with the flaps tied up.


I made this hat using the tutorial over at Delia Creates – the instructions are clear and easy to follow and the whole thing, from cutting to photos, took me about an hour and a half, tops. I debated, but finally decided on the blue t-shirt for the outer part of the hat. I should have learned from the last time I repurposed a t-shirt that they are great if you get the sewing right the first time (I never do) and you don’t have to rip any seams out (every time!). The thing with well loved T’s is that the fabric just doesn’t stand up to re-stitching if you make a mistake. The knit also has more stretch than the fleece which made it a little challenging to get everything to play nicely together – I’d probably use fleece for both layers if I ever made this hat again. Still, it’s very cute and will go along with this book that Son P and A-DIL-M are giving the little guy for his birthday next week (and I promise to add a photo of L in the hat after he receives it!).

(Edited to add photo of Mister L in his hat at his birthday party! Cutie Pie :).)


Otherwise, there has not been too much progress in the way of the final Grandpa Quilt. I managed to sew another 20 blocks (if you need a visual, look at last week and picture the pile 20 blocks higher :)). I did, however, complete my March block for the Classic Meets Modern QAL.


Yes, the one centre polka dot patch was intentional – I thought that one asymmetrical patch looked cool :).

You might recall (or maybe not) that I was thinking pink and grey back in January. By last month, I realized that I didn’t really have a lot on hand that would help make the pink happen, so green crept into the block – and I do have green!

This month, it’s all about the green – maybe it’s St. Patrick’s Day influencing the colour choices but more likely, it’s just that I have a variety of green hanging around making it easier to coordinate. And with all that green, surely spring will soon make an appearance!

Embrace your green side! I have…


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One Response to Welcome Spring!

  1. LOVING it! The polka dot is awesome 😉

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