Another late one!

But it’s still Friday in my world :).

I can’t say that this quilt top is finished because borders are still to go on, however, it’s close enough to share a quick update. I would say that this top is “hot off the press” but I’m sure that you’ll be able to tell that it clearly needs a good pressing before the three B’s are applied (borders, batting and backing :)).


With this top, we’re at Grandpa Quilt top #8 (and the final Grandpa Quilt top!). The blue star points are from several pairs of pants Grandpa wore towards the end of his life, and the strings are made up of assorted shirt scraps and bits of other material from the backs, bindings and sashing of the first seven quilts – it’s pretty much a case of if it was in one of the Grandpa quilts somewhere, it’s in this top. I debated about adding the “non-shirt” scraps at first, but in retrospect I’m glad that I did because I think the additional materials give some much needed colour and variety – not to mention, using up more bits and pieces of leftover fabric.

And speaking of leftover fabric…


I don’t think that scrap box looks any different from when I first started sewing this quilt top a couple of weeks ago. Even a start at cutting 6 1/2-inch squares from any pieces large enough to yield them to make into memory quilts for donation to our local Alzheimer Society doesn’t seem to have made much of a dent.


The sad thing is that this pile is just a fraction of what the leftovers will yield. I have no idea how many memory quilts will result, but I will let you know what the final count ends up being.

Oh, Grandpa – why did you have to be such a clothes horse?!!


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One Response to Another late one!

  1. Margaret says:

    you are certainly making good use of grandpa`s clothes, such a good way and lots of quilts for the family

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