Next Generation Sewist

Well, not too much progress on Grandpa Quilt #Last this week aside from some borders and backing construction, however, in the spirit of finishing up projects I did complete this little outfit.


Or, more correctly, I have finished up the final details on the outfit Grand-daughter G was sewing for Grand-daughter S as a Brownie sewing badge project.

She began work on this outfit last year and we worked on it together over the Christmas holidays. We used Kwik Sew pattern 3689 in size 18-24 months and Grand-daughter G chose the fabric and notions at our local Fabricland store. After the holidays, the project was left with me to complete the finishing touches – the hat, button holes and buttons on the dress and the elastic in the bloomers. It’s only taken me just over three months and the badge was awarded long ago (she did a lot of work as you’ll see, and her leaders were willing to accept the photos as evidence of the work). In my defence, I have been a little focused on the Grandpa project and, if you’ve been following along, you’ll know that I don’t do a whole lot of garment sewing (unless it’s something too cute to resist :)).

Here she is at work cutting out the pattern.


And here we are at work sewing.


And the finished dress (except for the buttons :)) – with a very proud little sewist.


I may have had a little push to finish up because Grand-daughter S will be here with DIL-T for a quick visit next week – and as S will be 24 months in early June, there likely won’t be a whole lot of mileage left on the outfit at this point. But I’m sure that G will be delighted to present the finished product to the little one.

One brownie badge complete? Check!

Another sewist coming along nicely? Ditto!


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One Response to Next Generation Sewist

  1. Margaret says:

    I am so impressed what a talented granddaughter you have so young and making such pretty things

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