…from beautiful Washington, D.C.! I’m here for a conference for the next few days and it’s a great opportunity to network with other professionals in my field and brush up on my skills (but it’s no QuiltCon – not sure why work won’t send me to that conference!).

I was so disappointed that I wasn’t able to post last evening – it is the first Friday this year that I haven’t posted. It wasn’t for lack of trying though! The hotel I’m staying in opened for the first time on Thursday and there have been some issues – wireless connectivity being one of them. Never-the-less, I’m only 12 hours late or so :).

First, here’s the view across from the hotel:


Actually, the hotel is behind this building in the photo here – this is the Carnegie Library and I took the photo because The Husband is an English major and is always interested in Public Library buildings.

Before I left on this trip, though, two more bags were finished – one for my mom and one for my sister:


These bags are from the same as Sew Delicious tutorial as the ones from a couple of weeks ago.

And here’s the finished trio from the original requester (my younger sister) – which is what started all this bag construction in the first place:


The one bag is the same as those above, the little one is from the same Noodlehead tutorial as last week and the last, boxy bag is from this terrific tutorial on Pink Stitches.

April has been bag month – for the month of May, some Home Dec is on the horizon, as well as a couple of baby quilts.

And the weather is finally getting better :).

Happy May!


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