A Good Trip….

….but it’s sooooo good to be home!


On the last night of the conference, there was a networking evening at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. An incredible venue for a celebration and everyone seemed to have a great time.

But now it’s time to settle back into the normal routine!

I mentioned last week that for the month of May, the goal is to finish two baby quilts and a home decor project. Here is the beginning of the first baby quilt:


I wasn’t sure about this colour combination at first, but it’s kind of grown on me. The peachy/green colour scheme sort of ties everything together and should work for either a girl or a boy. I did think it might be a little more on the feminine side – thus the grey print in there to kind of neutralize it a little.

The second baby quilt, not yet started, will be a pink version for a little girl born this past February – yes, I will admit that I am woefully behind on this quilt, but I comfort myself with the knowledge that I’m months ahead on the other one (baby due in November :)).

So happy to be home – and ready to sew!


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One Response to A Good Trip….

  1. Margaret says:

    These colours look good together, I have discovered since I started quilting all colours seem to work together

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