May QAL Block and the Way-Back Machine

I’m sure I’m dating myself by referring to the Way-Back Machine (Mr. Peabody and Sherman, anyone?) but that’s a bit how I feel this week. First though, this month’s QAL block, because I’m slightly ahead on the QAL this month for a change!


This month’s block was the Dresden Plate block, and although I do love the classic Dresden Plate block (it reminds me of my grandmother and the quilts she made for family members), I went with the modern block arrangement because it really appealed to me. With five blocks under my belt now, I’m sticking to the green/grey theme so make sure everything coordinates in the end – but there was a little pop of blue last time so who knows what will happen next month.

And now for the Way-Back Machine!

Every once in a while as I’m looking for bits of this and that in the stash (like for a QAL block!), I come across an abandoned bunch of blocks from Way-Back – you all have this problem too, right :)? Here are a couple of things that surfaced this week.


These were simple string blocks I made a few years ago – the thought was that if I made up a string block each time I was sewing, I would have enough blocks for a quilt before I knew it. Apparently, that only works if you remember to keep sewing the blocks! I believe that I had in mind this quilt from over at There are some really beautiful patterns that Bonnie Hunter has generously provided for free on her site and if you’ve never taken a look, you should check it out.


These simple log cabin-like blocks were inspired by some modern art at our city centre a few years ago. While some work was being done to add a community gathering spot (for skateboarding and festivals in the summer and a skating rink in the winter) in front of our downtown mall, a fence was up with some painted blocks similar to these on it. This art (quilt block graffiti?) really appealed to me and during an inspired moment, I decided that I could imitate the painted blocks as quilt blocks. As above, I thought if I sewed up a block or two each time I got the machine out, I would have enough for a quilt top in no time. But, just like above, you apparently have to remember to sew them!

In a slightly misguided moment, I have also decided on the following colour scheme for the second baby quilt – though not very much progress has been made on either this week (it’s tough getting back into the routine when you’ve been away and are trying to catch up!).


This choice is not misguided so much because of the pink/brown/gold combination (which looks a little red-ish because of the light in the photo – sorry about that!). I actually think these colours are kind of a classic but the problem is, I don’t really buy a lot of brown fabric and it might be a stretch to find enough to make for a good variety in this little quilt. The above is just my starting pile of fabrics – and we’ll see how it all comes together over the next few days.

And finally for today, it’s the beginning of the Victoria Day weekend in Canada and the unofficial start of summer – yeh! I did pledge to have a long weekend tutorial for you this weekend and I will do my best to follow through on my promise – so check back early next week (Monday/Tuesday) to see what’s going on. It might not be an entire quilt top by then, but I will do my best to have something to share with you.

Happy Victoria Day weekend!


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2 Responses to May QAL Block and the Way-Back Machine

  1. margiestitcher says:

    you are up to date, I have to own up to not having done any of the blocks yet but I am full of good intentions! Good idea to make a scrappy block every timem you do a quilt and the colours look good for your latest project

  2. Absolutely gorgeous – I love your color scheme 🙂

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