Still in Progress…

…are the two baby quilts. Unfortunately, when I cut into the Kona white solid for the Lunenburg Log Cabins quilt top earlier in the week, I didn’t leave myself enough to finish up the baby quilts. However, that hasn’t stopped me from making at least a little bit of progress on the pink one!


[Sorry – it’s always better when I can get an outside shot, but this top is spread out on the dining room table and the light is admittedly not great.]

I still need to add the top/bottom borders, but it’s nearly there – and a trip out for more white tomorrow should see this quilt top finished and ready for gifting by next weekend (fingers crossed!). And hopefully by then the other baby quilt in progress will at least be a complete top, if not completed as well.

It seems my concerns about colour were unfounded and there were plenty of browns hanging around the stash to complete the “coins.” And (as Margaret commented a couple of weeks ago – and rightly so!) in quilting just about all colours seem to work together! As always, this is the Stacked Coins Baby Quilt pattern that I use to make a welcome gift for just about every baby I know :).

Hope you’ve had a great week!


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2 Responses to Still in Progress…

  1. looking very good and how lucky are you to be able to go and and buy your Kona fabric locally. I see you are doing the Classic meets modern QAL, how is it going, I have yet to start and have a problem that my computer no longer excepts the printer, tried reinstalling it but no luck!

    • Lois G. says:

      Yes – I am very lucky to have several good local quilt shops in my area! The QAL is going well – I’ve never participated in one before and I’m having a lot of fun :). Too bad about the technical issues; hope you can solve them!

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