Baby Quilt Finish #2

Here’s the second baby quilt – and not a moment too soon! This baby was born in February!


I think the pink/brown/gold colour scheme worked out rather well. Here’s the back:


That brown leaf print was one of those finds that just happened to show up at exactly the right time. It is a David Textiles print (c) Robin Pickens – no other information was on the selvedge. Never-the-less, it is perfect for the back of this quilt and nicely ties everything together.

So that’s two baby quilts ready to go :)!


And as it’s Friday – linking up with Finish it up Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts.

Happy Friday!


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2 Responses to Baby Quilt Finish #2

  1. Donna says:

    Cool quilts, I love the stacked coin look.

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