Let’s Talk Garden

…because otherwise I don’t have all that much to show for my week! Last weekend I was busy with my motorcycle license (yep – you read that right). In Ontario, we have graduated licensing and as it’s been almost 5 years since I passed my M2 test, it was time to take my M2 exit test to get my full M license. Now I can continue to drive a Vespa indefinitely :).

And I’m probably the only graduate from last weekend whose first thought was – oh great! Now I can go back to sewing! The home dec project is still underway and I think there are only two words for this project – patience and pins.


I do love that paisley, though, and I’m hoping by this time next week I’ll be able to show you a home dec finish.

And now for the garden!


I love the Square Foot Gardening method and purchased the book last year (the author is Mel Bartholomew). I used to participate in a community garden, which was really nice except that there was a lot of shade on my assigned plot and with having to walk/bike/drive several blocks (I know – it’s a hard life!) I seemed to manage to grow more weeds than anything else. This year, I decided my approach should be to increase my gardening space in my own yard as I don’t seem to have a problem puttering around the yard in the evening, even though I often forgot to take myself over to the plot.

The tomatoes seem happy enough.


And a couple of weeks ago, I came across these head/foot boards on Kijiji (total score!).


After some putting some elbow grease into scraping down with a wire brush, priming with a spray primer and then spray painting a nice fresh lilac, this is what the headboard looks like.


I can’t seem to get a picture that shows how nice the purple really is, but trust me – it’s definitely lilac :). And I think it will provide a nice support for any plants that manage to come up once I solve the problem of The Dog running through the garden! I’ll share the footboard once it’s complete as well – maybe if we get some sunshine this weekend.

And the last thing to show for my week is one more (little) mushroom to join the other two from before :).


Not much to show for the week at all :).

Happy gardening!


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One Response to Let’s Talk Garden

  1. like how you have used the bed heads for growing creepers, watch the dog does not decide it is a good bed to sleep on though. I have quite a big garden but apart from some fruit trees it is all shrubs, flowers, grass etc no veg growing. Only have 3 plums on the plum tree, no pears on either pear tree but the 2 apple trees are looking laden and the cherry is doing well but the birds usually get to them before I do.

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