Re – Finish…


The (innocent looking) dog….



I assure you that I am NOT careless with this dog – she’s chewed enough blankets that I exercise caution regarding what is left within reach of her crate when I leave for work each morning. However, she does seem to have legs (or a neck?) that are about six feet long! The furniture has now been rearranged so that the chair, on the back of which the cover typically hangs, is clear on the other side of the room from her. If she can Houdini a blanket into her crate from that distance, a nanny-cam will be in order to find out exactly how she’s doing it!

The blanket is now fixed:


I won’t count this re-finish as a finish, but at least I accomplished something this week :).

We’re just back from vacation (as of Wednesday) and while it’s always nice to get away, it’s nice to be home, too. Unfortunately, while we were away, we had a leak of some sort in our basement. This is one of those good news, bad news types of situations because most of the water seeped from the furnace room into the sewing room (we think the air conditioner iced up).

Bad news – there were boxes stacked in that corner waiting for the Great Sewing Room Organization Project to continue. Of course, the boxes on the bottom had some books and magazines in them (and why wouldn’t they be on the bottom – they would be heavier than the material on top, right?). The water seeped up into these boxes and some of the paper was very wet and had to be disposed of.

Good news – not too much damage and really just three boxes affected. Sorting through unearthed some material that my grandmother gave me at one point (and now I’m afraid I will have to admit that was more than 30 years ago – my grandmother passed away the year before my daughter was born!).


Now that this material has been washed and dried, it seems the type of thing that would make great Alzheimer memory quits (along with the Grandpa leftovers), so I will have to get my act together and begin to construct a few of those for donation. None of this material is quilting cotton, so why she had it (she was also a quilter) is beyond me. And why she thought I would use it, is another question! But I guess she was right because now I will :).

Also unearthed were some old patterns.


This one is from the March/April 1998 issue of Quiltmaker magazine. The pattern is called “Kitty in the Cabin” and was designed by Annie Segal. The version in the picture is very pink – I completed this quilt top with more blues/purples years ago for my daughter. It was intended as a Grade 8 graduation present (yikes!) but never quilted/completed. Now that I’ve unearthed this pattern (and some others) to go along with the quilt top – location known! – I think it’s time to get some of these WIPs finished up and out of the sewing room.

Let the Way-Back Project begin!


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2 Responses to Re – Finish…

  1. margiestitcher says:

    how lucky you were with the damage from the flooding, wonder if the books have dried okay, great to find things you had forgotten about years ago and now been inspired to do something with them. Such a naughty dog that looks as though butter would not melt in his mouth!

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