Shop Hop Part II

So far we’ve managed to visit 5 of the 13 shops that are participating in the July Shop Hop – for the first two blocks see last week. Eight more shops to go – and we’ll have to fit as many in on Saturday as we possibly can!

The next three blocks, presented in order of our visits, include this one from Undercover Quilts in Fergus (these super ladies were actually kind enough to mail out the red polka-dot fabric as it was not in stock the day we visited!):


This block is from the Hobby Horse Quilt Shop in Georgetown (another super nice lady who has had some challenges this past year – hopefully this year goes more smoothly!):


And this one is from Greenwood Quiltery in Guelph:


The red fabric on this last block is a little different than the others – maybe a little more orange? Not such a big deal with the finished design that I like (from the Quilt Place in Shakespeare) but if you were doing all red and white like several of the finished designs we’ve seen, a substitution for a fabric that is closer in tone to the other reds might be in order.


Other than blocks, there hasn’t been much progress around here this week – but I have a very good reason for my, er…, lack of motivation :). During the Grandpa project, I used quilt batting purchased on sale at Joann’s and then sewed together odds and ends of quilt batting until I really don’t have anything left. Since by this time next week, I’ll be in La Crosse, Wisconsin on a genealogy excursion with my mom and sisters (my great grandfather was born in Wisconsin), I might as well put The Way-Back project on hold for a week until I can get to Joann’s and purchase more batting (fingers crossed – hoping for a sale!).

Hope you enjoy your week!


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2 Responses to Shop Hop Part II

  1. Red and white is such a striking colour combo!

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