No – not that kind :).

This kind:


Quilter’s booty!

As you can tell, the trip was a great success. While The Husband doesn’t generally object to checking out every quilt store between home and the final destination, there’s something about shopping with like-minded quilters that makes fabric browsing so enjoyable :). This bunch of supplies should last for a while – at least until the annual shopping trip to Erie, PA in November!

We had the pleasure of discovering Olive Juice Quilts in Onalaska, Wisconsin – a very pretty shop with lovely fabrics on offer.


I asked permission before taking a picture of these framed quilt blocks in their entryway – I have wanted to do something similar for some time with several blocks I acquired from a great-aunt’s relatives after she passed. I think that this treatment is lovely!


We also had an opportunity to visit near-by Sparta, Wisconsin – the Bicycle Capital of America (I offer the following photo as proof :)).


Quilt Corner is another very pretty shop with much to offer.


And my personal favourite (which I sadly neglected to take a picture of) was finding Field’s Fabrics in Kalamazoo. We happened upon this shop quite by accident as a result of choosing to spend a night en route at a hotel just around the corner. They had a huge inventory of quilting cottons, as well as an incredible selection of Kona solids – maybe more than Joanns. Why have I not found this store before?!!

So – an enjoyable trip and much sewing to follow!

Also of great interest to us as Canadians, was the warning to leave weapons at home when visiting the library. Sister #2, who happens to work at our local library, was especially fascinated. This photo is from our visit to the Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison, but the La Crosse Public Library had a similar notice on it’s doors. Weapons are not something we think about much here (not that they don’t exist in Canada because, sadly, they certainly do) but it’s not really a consideration when heading out to the library.


And what a beautiful building houses the Wisconsin Historical Society! I’m not sure that we came home knowing any more family history than when we set out, in spite of the helpful folks at both libraries, but the trip was certainly fun and we all had a great time.


I must include this last photo as sister #1 gave me this yellow coneflower plant in the spring, along with instructions to take good care of it :), and on my return I find it’s now happily in bloom in the backyard.


I’ve had a great week – hope you all did as well!


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4 Responses to Booty!

  1. I enjoyed reading about your trip – thankfully here in New Zealand the closest we would have to the “leave weapons behind” sign is just the “No motorbike helmets are to be worn in this building” sign on the door of banks. People are just not allowed to carry guns around – not even our police officers wear guns! People are allowed guns for hunting or target shooting but must be licensed to have them. On a much nicer topic, it is probably a good thing for my wallet (and my husband’s patience) that we do not have multitudes of quilt shops here on roadsides as we drive around! He just doesn’t understand my fabric addiction – I operate best when I shop alone!!!

    • Lois G. says:

      Thanks! New Zealand is definitely one of the places that I still hope to visit :). I now try to limit my shopping to basics (the solids and quilt batting) so that I can use up the stash – but as you can see from the number of fat quarters, it doesn’t always happen!

  2. Tami Immel Draxler says:

    Looks like a great trip! I am a Wisconsin girl, and you just might have started my itinerary for a quilt oddsey trip for next summer!!!! The signs are everywhere here since the Concealed Carry Law passed a while ago. I have always wondered exactly how the sign will stop someone. Glad you enjoyed your visit to our state!

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