Shop Hop Finish

It’s finished! And early enough to get some decent pictures outside on the porch this morning – a good thing since the weather is very wet and windy tonight.


I’m fairly pleased – like I mentioned before, I often want to do things like the shop hop and, too often, time (or lack thereof) and commitments get in the way. Then before I know it, months have passed and incomplete projects are languishing somewhere in the stash/sewing room. Not so this time!

It’s quilted in a two-inch diagonal grid (my favourite method) which is a little bit hard to see among the blur of red on the back…


…even up close…


…with grey thread – only because it was on hand and fairly neutral.

Unexpectedly, this one turned into a bit of a struggle – though I will admit it’s my own fault. I absolutely fell in love with the micro chenille I used on the back of the Giraffe Love quilt and really wanted to use it again on this one. However, this quilt top was a little wider – 60 inches wide, in fact, and the exact width of the micro chenille. I decided that I would give this a try, in spite of the fact that I usually try to give myself a little bit more of a margin for error with a few inches extra in width.

Of course, in the process of quilting, things shifted a bit. This has certainly happened to me before and normally wouldn’t matter – except for the zero extra to play with! So, what’s a quilter to do?

Well, you might (or maybe not) notice that those borders are about two inches narrower than the finished top from a few weeks ago. Once the quilting was complete, I trimmed about two inches off the outside, all the way around, to get things evened up – so instead of nice wide six-inch borders, I now have narrower, but still okay, four-inch borders….


I guess part of quilting is learning how to be flexible? (Or maybe just an occasional problem solver :).)

And linking up with Finish-it-up-Friday @ CrazyMomQuilts because it’s finished!


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2 Responses to Shop Hop Finish

  1. julia says:

    I hate problem solving myself, but this quilt turned out great!

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