Little Finishes

It’s been a week of little things here – and sometimes that’s nice :).

First, to make up for my very late Classic Meets Modern QAL block last month, I thought I’d get ahead of things this month and sew up the October block a little earlier.


Two months to go! I’ve really been enjoying the QAL – it’s the first one I’ve participated in but it’s been a great experience. Erin’s instructions are great and each block is more fun than the last! You can find all of the blocks on Erin’s blog, Sew At Home Mummy. And I’m linking my block up with the other October blocks over on her blog.

As I was sewing this block together, instead of letting the little “ears” that were cut off the flying geese units go to waste, I decided to sew them together and make them up into this little mug rug for the husband.


We try for zero waste here (try being the operative word – that’s the ideal and working at it but we still have a long way to go) so it was great to use up these little bits and put them together into something useful right away instead of dropping them into the waste basket.

The next little finish is the leftover (again – yeh!) cuddly pink fabric from the little polo shirt quilt from a couple of weeks ago. You’ll recall that this was my sister’s idea – and I’m grateful she suggested it :)!


I think a little girl will love this soft and cuddly pillow :). I trimmed the strip of fabric leftover from the bottom of the quilt back to even it up, folded it in half, sewed around the edges leaving an opening on one of the short ends for flipping/stuffing and filled with polyester fiberfill.


It’s a cute and cuddly 25″ long and 12″ wide – not bad for a leftover strip of fabric. This method won’t allow her mom to remove a pillow form for washing, but my thought is that if the stuffing gets too lumpy with repeated washing, the fiberfill can just be replaced down the road (hmmm…. maybe more wasteful than I had initially hoped – I guess I’ll have to hope that the fiberfill holds up). Nevertheless, it looks great with the little polo quilt.


And the final little finish for today, are these wonderful little lavender satchets made using this tutorial from Flossie Tea Cakes.


The instructions are clear and easy to follow; I learned how to improve corner construction and sew an opening closed invisibly using a ladder stitch (although, I’ll have to admit that I used a knitting needle instead of the pin she suggests for teasing out the fabric at the corners). I suppose the moral of this story is that you can teach an old dog new tricks (except for the knitting needle) – and these new tricks are sure to be used again by this old dog on other projects.


They are wonderful little pillows of lavender scented goodness – perfect for keeping drawers smelling nice or (perhaps?) giving as a gift …

I think there are more than enough finishes here to link up to Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts :).

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all of the Canadians out there!


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2 Responses to Little Finishes

  1. Love this block, it’s a really good mix of modern and classic, right? I can’t wait to see this finished!!

    • Lois G. says:

      Thanks, Erin! Yes – I agree, it is a nice mix of modern and classic. I can hardly wait to see the QAL finished but I will miss looking forward to the new block each month :).

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