Bamboo Lace Scarf Finish

It’s been a busy week with work commitments, so not too much progress overall craft-wise (oh why will my boss not pay me to knit, crotchet and sew?) but I thought I should still make time for a quick post to show you the finished bamboo lace scarf.


It measures approximately 48-inches in length and almost 8-inches wide.

I apologize for this next photo – the quality is not the best (night-time, without a flash, in a mirror…) even though I tried to enhance it a bit, but I wanted to give some sense of what it looks like on.


And, since it is a finish, however small, I’m linking up to Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts.

Enjoy your weekend :)!


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4 Responses to Bamboo Lace Scarf Finish

  1. Carie says:

    Oh it’s a lovely colour, such a gorgeous green!

  2. A finish is a finish now matter how little…pretty scarf!

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