Another Little Bear

Very busy times here at LoGoQuilts right now – but this week I at least managed to finish up this new little bear for a new little boy due in the next few weeks (at least, we’re told the new one will be a boy).


I refer to this little guy as Smokey, but who knows what his prospective owner (or parents) will give him for a name. This pretty grey yarn was obtained by my sister (thanks, sis!) on one of her trips to our local yarn store. I don’t get over to this store very often, but she is a regular and kind enough to grab things for me when I need them. And the colour goes perfectly with the Giraffe Love quilt, doesn’t it :)?


Big sister has a green bear, similar to this one from last year. As then, the pattern is the Baby Bobbi Bear pattern from Blue Sky Alpacas and super fast to knit. Although (naturally) Blue Sky yarn is suggested, I used Misti Alpaca (Tonos Worsted “Hand Paint Tone on Tone” in colour Marcasite)- because that’s what my personal shopper provided :).

And, as always, linking up this finish to Finish-it-up-Friday at CrazyMomQuilts.

Happy Friday!


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2 Responses to Another Little Bear

  1. I think you are so clever to be able to knit and crochet – my Granny tried to teach me, but i proved to be more of a cross-stitcher and now a quilter. A scarf is about my level of ability with knitting. Gorgeous bear, well done!

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