Almost “Free” Quilt

This pattern is called the “Free” quilt and it’s one I picked it up a while ago at one of our local quilt stores.


As you can probably tell, I get the whole sensibility behind using up what you have – and I do have denim and scraps! But I definitely paid good money for the material that those scraps came from and I probably paid for most of the jeans that the denim came from, too (although it was nice of my kids to return the denim to me once they were done with the jeans :)).

So, maybe not entirely “free” – but almost! Here’s the back:


This one is for DIL-T and began with the back. She’s a lover of animal prints so I couldn’t resist this cozy and soft arctic fleece at Joann’s when we were shopping a few weeks ago. At 50% off, this was an incredibly affordable $10 for two yards!

And, I’m happy to report, you can teach an old dog new tricks! The original pattern calls for 48 blocks set 6 wide by 8 long. Because I was starting with the back, only had two yards and knew from my experience with the July Shop Hop quilt a while ago that I needed to be careful when putting everything together, I spread out the back on the floor and placed blocks on top of it as I finished them to decide how big to make the top. My version is a comfortable lap size at 5 blocks wide and 6 blocks long, finishing up at a cozy, TV-watching, hot chocolate-drinking, 50 x 58.5 inches.

This one completes the bunch of quilts headed west and will now join the others in the suitcase!


I’ve never really had the need (or desire) to transport an entire suitcase of blankets on trip before, but by the time you read this, I should be winging my way to Saskatchewan to hold a new baby and deliver warm blankets :).

Linking up to Finish-it-up-Friday.

Happy travels!


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