And More Knitting Progress…

…but not as much as I’d hoped! Unfortunately, as a result of travel for family visits and work, I just didn’t quite get the knitting project finished in time to share this week – but I’m confident that by next week, I’ll be able to show off the finished results.

In the meantime, here are a few WIPs (or about to be WIPs).


The beginnings of a rag rug for the newly repainted bathroom. I’m not entirely sure how this will turn out, but we can definitely use a new bathmat – the old one was more rag than rug itself and is no longer present.


Also in the works are a Christmas table runner (the red paisley) and a couple of new bags (exact fabric TBD but they will surely include either the blue or brown duck cloth I found on the shopping trip of a few weeks ago).


And more fabric finds from the shopping trip – love the polka dots!


Last, but not least, these fabrics will be a new professional bag for my sister. She knows about this project and selected these fabrics, but the finished product will need to be “opened” Christmas Eve before it’s featured here (a technicality, but still…) so it might be a few weeks before you see it :).

Hope you’re more ready for the holiday season than I am!


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