Scrap Projects

Well, normally I don’t post on Mondays, but when I came across the Scraps Monday link-up over at A Quilting Life it just seemed like a great idea and definitely too good to pass up.

Do I have scraps?


Oh yeah! Sorry – the lighting isn’t great (winter – yuk!), but you get the idea… many, many scraps!

New books (Christmas gifts – yeh!) will definitely help with this endeavour.


A couple of years ago I started making string blocks. (I think I’ve shared these blocks before – the idea was that each time I sew, I would make a couple of these string blocks and in no time, I would have enough for a quilt top.)


Needless to say, I’ve been neglecting to sew blocks – so hopefully I can remedy that with the motivation of the Scraps Monday link-up and have a finished string quilt to show soon.

I also have these rows of 1 1/2″ x 3″ scraps that were put together for a quilt pattern that I found in a magazine a few years ago (BHG’s quilt magazine, I think) and I would love to see them finished.


Unfortunately, in the middle of quilt construction we moved – and you know how that goes! I know the magazine/pattern arrived here in our new house because I recall seeing it as we unpacked.

If I remember correctly, the pattern was by Bonnie Hunter and the accompanying article was the first time I ran into her “Scrap Users System” which was a bit of a revelation for me. Sadly, I haven’t seen the pattern for while – so the question is, do I continue to look and hope to find the accurate measurements to complete the quilt? Or do I take my best guess and fill in with sashing based on the final measurements for the quilt that will work for me? Hmmm….. advice?


Also, contributing to the pause (prior to the move) was the question of whether that funky floral is too busy to go along with all of those scraps. One of the reasons I was attracted to the pattern in the first place was because of a deep red paisley that was used in the magazine’s version for the sashing. I really like this floral, but I’m not sure if there’s enough contrast for the multicoloured scraps that will live alongside it. What do you think?

So, that’s the plan for now – use up the scraps (with help from the books – and there are several lovely patterns), finish the string quilt and finish the scrap rows – and there will likely need to be several other small (and big?) projects to help because we are talking about a lot of scraps!

Happy (scrappy) Monday!


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4 Responses to Scrap Projects

  1. Jennie in GA says:

    You might check over at Bonnie’s blog and see if there is a free pattern for this. Otherwise, I would just use the size strips that make you happy. The floral is a bit busy for all of those colors, though I do see why you love that piece of fabric!

    • Lois G. says:

      Thanks for the ideas! Sadly, Bonnie doesn’t seem to have this one on her site (maybe because it was originally published in a magazine?) so I’ll probably have to guess – or keep looking. And yes, I do love that fabric :).

  2. Sherri says:

    Great projects! And thanks so much for linking up!

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