Small Project Week

Two small finishes to share for this week.

This first one I intended to have completed for Christmas decor, but unfortunately that didn’t quite happen. I’m choosing to think of this as not so much late for this Christmas as extremely early for next Christmas :).

This is the way the table runner is intended to hang with the ruffles just over the edges of the table on each side.


(And, as usual, sorry for the poor lighting!) And here you can see the nice ruffles at each end of the runner.


The pattern is from the Sew4Home site – not sure how I came across this site, but I think it’s somehow associated with so it was probably included in an advertisement that came from them. The paisley home dec fabric was a find at Joann’s on the shopping trip and at about $5, quite a deal. And the ruffles, though not the linen that they called for in the pattern, was a remnant of Kona cotton in Bone at $10 for a meter. So even with thread and ribbon, this little runner came in at about $20 – not bad at all.

As is often the case, while I knew that I wanted to find some fabric appropriate for this pattern, I didn’t check the requirements before leaving on the shopping trip. In my mind, I needed one yard of home dec fabric, but the pattern actually called for more like 2.5 yards once you measured the space you wanted it to fill and the pattern repeat for fussy cutting a large motif.

In a very fortunate turn of events, you can see from the first pic that one yard was all I really needed to fit my (for now) table by cutting two lengths from selvage to selvage, and making my width a little smaller by about an inch – so it all worked out in the end. And, of course, The Dog could not be coaxed out from under the table for the picture – she’s very shy and this is her favourite place to hide :).


Also finished this week is this cute little plastic bag holder.


This pattern is from over at In Color Order and was the perfect way to use up some of the remaining Juggling Summer by ZenChic charm squares leftover from a charm pack I purchased a couple of summers ago – not to mention a great pattern.


Since our plastic bags have been languishing in the kitchen with many plastic bags stuffed into a bigger plastic bag and dropped into a corner out of the way, this is a much prettier solution for them.

Now all I have to do is mount some hooks on the back of our entry door from the garage and the pretty holder and plastic bags will have a permanent home!

And two finishes, however small, are still finishes and so I’m linking up over at Finish-it-up-Friday at CrazyMomQuilts.

Happy Friday!


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