Two Accomplishments

It’s very late, but I still wanted to share the only two accomplishments from this week. Lack of productivity is due mainly to family visits and business travels (not necessarily bad things :)). Still – two accomplishments is better than nothing.

First, though, this is what the front yard looked like as the sun came up Wednesday morning.


The hoar frost was coating everything since the temperatures were extremely cold overnight. Here’s the tree in the back yard.


I always think that the trees look so pretty when coated with frost.

On to the accomplishments! Finished is this little memory quilt to donate to our local Alzheimer Society.


I find this is a great way to use up bits and pieces of leftover fabric from a variety of uses. The recommendation is that the fabric provide a variety of textures and sensations (colour is less important) for Alzheimer patients to handle and touch. In this quilt, I’ve used up some wide-wale corduroy, some satin and some plush polar fleece in addition to a few other fabrics. On the back there is a piece of flannel that was sitting in the stash unused (the design on this flannel reminds me of the pyjamas my brothers used to wear when they were little boys for some reason).


The size of the quilt is 36 inches square – I always use 6 1/2 inch blocks set 6 x 6, but the main consideration is to create a quilt that is comfortable for someone who may be confined to a wheelchair to have on their lap. The last thing needed to complete this quilt for donation is to sew a label on it. I’ve donated approximately 5 of these quilts so far and my goal is to donate several more of these memory quilts this year, so I’ll be attempting to keep a tally to see how far along I can get.

The other accomplishment this week is a few more string blocks.


Each safety pin represents a group of 10 string blocks, so there are now a total of 20. Since I need 98 in order to complete the quilt top, there’s definitely a lot more needed – but it’s a start!

Hope you had a great week!


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