Pillow Cases and Scraps

Over the weekend, some progress was made with the scrap bin – although there are many, many scraps still left. I’m now up to a total of 30 string blocks for the string quilt.


I tend to sew them in groups of 10 since it helps me keep track of how many are complete without having to recount the blocks constantly. That having been said, there are 11 of these little scrappy log cabin blocks that were also completed over the weekend.


Not sure why – but that’s what I had when I stopped sewing. I used the tutorial from over at Red Pepper Quilts and learned a few things in the process.

1. I’m not very patient (okay, maybe that’s not news :)). I want all of these blocks done now! But at a tiny 4 1/2″ it will take some time before there are enough to make a complete quilt top.

2. Sewing these little blocks requires a lot of precision; big blocks are much more forgiving.

3. I’m not very precise! Or at least I could and should make an effort to be more precise with my seam allowances and measurements. The tutorial mentions sewing the “logs” oversize and trimming back rather than cutting each to size – I may find that the end result is a little better for me that way so I’ll have to give it a try.

4. There isn’t a lot of variety in the “low volume” fabrics in my stash. Most of them appear to be beige. Hmmm….

I also made a couple of pillow cases over the weekend for Granddaughter G. and Grandson L. Word was that it was bit of a tough week all around last week, so I thought a couple of new pillow cases might cheer them up.


Hello Kitty! unfortunately was met with criticism (we don’t like Hello Kitty! anymore and it’s all about Ever After High these days – oh well, apparently Gran needs to keep up with these things). But the lions were greeted with enthusiasm which was nice. The plan is to make a couple of pillow cases for myself as well – I have some yummy flannel with a cute sheep print I can’t wait to sew up!

Happy Monday!


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