We have a Winner!

I’m late this week due to travel. So it’s past time for the charm squares give-away! Thanks to all of you for commenting!

Because there were less than 10 comments (exactly 9 :)), the draw was done the old fashioned way.


Everyone’s name went into a hat.


And The Husband picked one of the names.

Coincidentally (and it really is a coincidence), the last comment from Shelly is the winner – congratulations, Shelly! The draw was blind and random, and The Husband had no previous knowledge of the entries, either names or order of comment. I will contact Shelly separately to see where to send the charm squares. I wish I had something for everyone who made a comment – you were all so nice! Perhaps another give-away in the future….

Because of travel, there wasn’t too much sewing this week, but I do have to share the 61 string blocks that are now hanging on the bulletin board.


I do them in groups of ten – the reason for the extra block is that I found some strips sewn together for a backing and realized that I could them down to size to match the other blocks (yeh! extra string block!).

Hope everyone has had a great week, too!


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2 Responses to We have a Winner!

  1. Heather in California says:

    Thanks for doing the drawing & the chance to win, maybe next time. ; )
    In the mean time, keep on blogging!

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