Monkeying Around

Well, I’ve been working on this one on-and-off since the completion of the Dr. Who scarves before Christmas.


This scarf started as a request from a friend at work, and I had to think about it for a while because I didn’t have a pattern and couldn’t really find one that I liked, free or otherwise. After looking at a lot of versions that others have done, I decided on what seemed to be a reasonable plan based on, but not exactly the same as, what I was seeing. I think that the “monkey-ness” comes through nicely.

Here’s a closer view of the monkey faces:


So obviously not my idea, since there are lots of monkey scarves out there, but I did come up with this version on my own so I think I can go ahead and tell you how I did it. My plan ended up as follows (if you’re a knitter and want to know :)):
– the yarn is Paton’s Classic Wool; I found that several other versions had used this yarn as well, and I was able to find it at my local Michael’s store (discounted with a coupon!), so I went with it
– I used 2 balls of Grey Marl, 1 ball of Aran and 1 ball of Red, but if you had a friend with a bit of leftover red yarn in her stash, that would work too because it certainly doesn’t take very much
– I used a 6mm circular needle because I was taking this project along in my suitcase as I travelled and I thought the circular needle would cause me less trouble going through security 🙂
– use k2, p2 rib throughout
– cast on 50 stitches using Aran
– 20 rows Aran
– 4 rows red
– 10 rows Aran
– continue with the grey marl colour as far as possible, ending so that the right side is facing (row beginning k2) and saving a little yarn for your monkey ears (I really can’t tell you how much – I took a guess and had just enough. You could always buy a third ball to ensure enough yarn as well.)
– reverse the order of the Aran/red rows to finish, starting with 10 rows Aran, then 4 rows red and 20 rows Aran
– cast off in rib

To make the ears, I searched “knit monkey ears” and came up with a free pattern in Ravelry that worked nicely. I won’t give the exact directions for the ears here because I don’t want to infringe on someone’s copyright, but I’m sure you can find the same directions doing a similar search.

– sew the ears on the right side of the scarf at each end; I positioned mine on the second “rib” in from each edge, about 10 rows up from the start of the grey marl
– sew buttons on between the ears for eyes


That’s it – easy peasy! I kind of like the results and I hope my friend will, too!

Happy Friday!


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