Still in the works…

…well, the posts seem to be slipping from the regular Friday evening into Saturday morning (and on into Saturday afternoon) and for that I apologize! I am attempting to get back to my regular schedule, but for at least one more week it may remain Saturday morning instead.

Not a lot was accomplished this week, but here are a few in-progress items that are a little more complete than they were last week!


I showed you a few of the Quilt-As-You-Go Made Modern blocks last week, and now there are 36 of them! My strategy was to complete all of the blocks and then circle back to do the quilting part. The only reason for my choice is that I wanted to try out a little free motion quilting on the centre yellow strips and I thought it might be more efficient to put the blocks together, quilt the straight lines and then finish up with the free motion loops I have planned for the middle.

You can see above that the lines are done in this block, but the centre is yet to be completed. I also don’t really like the very dense quilting that is so popular right now – I prefer a little less quilting overall, so my lines are placed at a spacing of about a half inch – with many more blocks to be completed, it might take me a while on this one!


I also have another baby quilt to finish up. Another co-worker has a tiny addition to the family and although I tried to get out ahead of things on the baby quilts, the new arrival is here and I still need to finish this one up. It’s the same pattern as all the others – stay tuned for the link next week once it’s finished, if you haven’t come across it here many times before.


And a sneak peak at the back – isn’t that dot fun? I think it should be perfect for a new baby boy :). And apparently, I need yet one more baby quilt for the nephew and his wife who are expecting in August, so there will be at least one more baby quilt in the immediate future.

Happy spring!


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